Guaranteed Ayurvedic Treatment

Guaranteed Ayurvedic Treatment Versus Expert’s Professional Assurance & Outcome of Ayurvedic Treatment – The Best of What You Should Know and Could Know!

Do you offer “Guaranteed Ayurvedic Treatment”?

What’s the Guarantee with your services?

About 10 -20% of our patients, especially from India, ask this question.

Initially, I felt it hurting and a little unprofessional from many perspectives!

Then, I decided to write this article so that I could reply, educate and help these people, what they should ask and know instead, from their doctors, and where this thinking came from.

Even though I feel that some persons might consider this initiative negatively, I consider it the best option to deal with this situation.

It will be great for most of the sincere Ayurveda professionals and doctors as well who want to take care of their patients and clients in truly remarkable manner and yet feel uncomfortable facing this question.

Where did the idea of “Guaranteed Ayurvedic Treatment” originate?

Actually, I think this notion had two original sources…

  1. Quacks and Fraudulent Health Practitioners
  2. Desperate Patients who want to be well informed, yet ask it the wrong way

The first ones – Quacks and Fraudulent Health Practitioners – are all WRONG and try to CHEAT you.

The second category of persons – the normal client or patient – needs to replace their questions and should get the right information about their health and outcome of treatment.

Guaranteed Ayurvedic Treatment by Quacks and Frauds:

When you pass by most of the highways, you can see hoardings and ads on walls, you can see classifieds of newspapers and magazines, you find “Guarantee” word repeated quite often.

These words and phrases in the advertisement messages are intended to make you feel…

  1. Low and Depressed
  2. Present very gloomy picture and poor outcome of your future
  3. Target your feelings and emotions negatively

“GUARANTEE” word is used ONLY BY those practitioners who are quacks and frauds. It is their tool to…

  1. Grab your attention
  2. Prove efficacy of their treatment
  3. Ultimately to take away your money
  4. Offering very high priced products and services

This is simply word and emotions gimmickry. I will give you some examples…

  1. They tell you that your sexual weakness is IMPOTENCY, it is a stigma on your manhood.
  2. Their ‘pills’ are a cure for all pains in your joints, muscles and nerves.
  3. Guarantee, Complete Cure and Magical results are the common words describing the products and results.

And simply many patients fall into this trap.

Who are the persons who fall victim to these Quacks and Frauds Guaranteed Ayurvedic Treatment?

You would like to argue that only illiterate and less qualified persons are their victims. The real picture is people from all socio-economic and educational backgrounds fall prey to them.

You can also find them on Internet and big cities and occupying prominent business addresses.

They can simply do this expensive Propoganda because they are offering you non-valuable stuff at a very premium and expensive price.

Even if their products and services are not expensive, you should better avoid all this for sake for your health.

Who could be these Quacks and Frauds offering Guaranteed Ayurvedic Treatment?

Any law in India or outside of India don’t give health professionals to guarantee their treatments or products or services as Magical Cure, Total Solution or simply Guarantee.

Even though, most of these practitioners are Quacks and Frauds, you can’t leave the possibility few of the Qualified Professionals also following this gimmickry of words and emotions.

In my personal opinion, even qualified health professionals who follow this path and behavior should be stayed away from.


It will be in the best interest of your time, money, health and self-esteem.

Guaranteed Ayuvedic Treatment” Asked by Normal Individuals – Patients or Clients:

Why do so many patients suffering from chronic disorders ask for “Guaranteed Ayurvedic Treatment”?

Being an Ayurveda doctor, I do wonder why do some clients even ask this question.

Definitely, patients want to have answers to their questions and most of the time busy doctors are not able to satisfy most of their valid queries.

Actually, I found that most of these patients actually want to be informed about…

  1. Efficacy of the product or service
  2. Outcome of the treatment they would be undergoing

Both are genuine and valid questions and need to be answered by all Health Practitioners.

I had always been in favor of providing “Enough” Information to patients about…

  1. My consideration of their problems
  2. Line of Ayurvedic treatment
  3. Herbs or Products being used ensuring their safety and efficacy
  4. Possible outcome of the treatment

It’s actually their right.

That is why Ayurvedic Herbalist took an initiative in that direction and we try to give you Confidence and Assurance that…

  1. You are in right hands
  2. You are moving in the right direction
  3. We are caring about your concerns
  4. You should know what outcome you could expect with our Ayurvedic Treatment & Health Management Services.

At Ayurvedic Herbalist, we make it actually available over the website for all health problems that we offer our services for. It is possible for us as we have refined our products, servicers and line of Ayurvedic treatment to that sophisticated level.

Short Video: Overview of 4 Pillars of Ayurvedic Healing and Cure of Chronic Disorders

Indepth Video in English: The Pathway of Ayurvedic Healing and Cure: 20 Minutes

Indepth Video in Hindi: The Pathway of Ayurvedic Healing and Cure: 20 Minutes

Prognosis or Outcome of Treatment or Therapy, In General or In Your Personal Context

In Allopathic medicine, there is a term PROGNOSIS.

  1. The act or art of foretelling the course of a disease
  2. The prospect of survival and recovery from a disease as anticipated from the usual course of that disease or indicated by special features of the case

Prognosis (Greek word meaning fore-knowing, foreseeing) is a medical[2] term for predicting the likely outcome of an illness, often involving a detailed description.

A complete prognosis includes the expected duration, the function, and a description of the course of the disease, such as progressive decline, intermittent crisis, or sudden, unpredictable crisis.

However, it is much harder to translate this into a prognosis for an individual patient: additional information is needed to determine it.

So, Always Ask for Outcome of Ayurvedic Treatment, instead of Guaranteed Ayurvedic Treatment:

In Ayurvedic Medicine as well, it is a great skill for practitioner to know the possible outcome of the disease.

The General Prognosis of a particular disease or health condition is the possible outcome for that condition based upon a particular therapy or treatment. It is general in nature.

The Personal or Individual Prognosis is outcome of treatment for a specific condition for a particular person.

For example, the outcome of Ayurvedic Treatment for Osteoarthritis in Ayurveda is good. (General Prognosis of a Disease in a System of Medicine)

The outcome of Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis by Ayurvedic Herbalist is great. (General Prognosis of a Disease in our Center)

The outcome of Ayurvedic treatment for Mrs. Rajesh (65 year old person with Grade 4 Osteoarthritis, Diabetic and Hypertensive) is below average by following Ayurvedic Herbalist. (General Prognosis of a Disease for an Individual)

When you deal with Ayurvedic Herbalist, we make you well informed about…

  1. Possible Outcome of a disease or health condition in Ayurveda on a general basis
  2. Possible Outcome of a disease or health condition under our Ayurvedic Treatment and Management
  3. Possible Outcome of your disease or health condition under our Ayurvedic Treatment and Management

Of Course, this is simply not the Guarantee!

This is a Qualified Health Professional’s Assurance for the possible outcome!

This is what might be most probable for you!

However, it might be different or vary from individual to individual. It should be easily understandable as you are dealing with human body, a very vibrant and dynamic system, affected by thousand of things.

Still, this is the best that you as an individual should think of knowing about your health condition.

I believe that you will find it always better and beneficial for you than “Guaranteed Ayurvedic Treatment”.

I will love to have your comments below about what you do think about this. If you love it, simply share this article on your Facebook and Twitter. It will really help more people.

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