Blood Pressure Readings, Hypertension Stages 

Practical Approach for Deciding to Start Ayurvedic Treatment at Different Blood Pressure Readings & Hypertension Stages

You should understand Blood Pressure Readings from different perspective. One is to know where you stand in different Hypertension stages. Second, more important and practical perspective is whether you can manage high blood pressure, only with Ayurvedic herbs, diet and lifestyle or a combination of Ayurvedic herbs and medical drugs together.

Understanding Blood Pressure Readings:

The Higher or Upper Reading is Systolic Blood Pressure SBP which indicates higher pressure when left lower chamber of heart (Left Ventricle) contracts.

The Lower Reading is Diastolic Blood Pressre or DBP which indicates lesser pressure when left lower chamber of heart relaxes.

Pulse Rate is how many times heart beats in a given minute. It is normally in 70-80 per minute range.

You get 3 readings when you measure BP.

130 / 80 78

The higher one is Systolic BP, Lower one is Diastolic BP and third is Pulse Rate.

Blood Pressure Readings, Hypertension Stages

Hypertension Stages:

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a condition where the force of the blood against the artery walls is consistently too high, which can lead to serious health problems such as heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease.

The criteria for diagnosing hypertension and normal blood pressure can vary slightly depending on the guidelines used. There are country specific guidelines or different medical or cardilogists association coming up slightly changed guidelines.

It's important to note that blood pressure readings can vary throughout the day and can be influenced by many factors such as stress, physical activity, and certain medications.

Therefore, multiple readings taken over a period of time may be necessary to diagnose hypertension accurately.

A blood pressure reading of less than 120/80 mm Hg is considered normal. This means that the systolic pressure is less than 120 mm Hg and the diastolic pressure is less than 80 mm Hg.

Normal blood pressure is desirable as it indicates that the heart is not working too hard to pump blood around the body, which reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

On the other hand, a blood pressure reading of 130/80 mm Hg or higher is considered hypertension. This means that the systolic pressure is 130 mm Hg or higher, or the diastolic pressure is 80 mm Hg or higher.

Hypertension can be classified into different stages depending on the severity of the condition:

  • Stage 1 Hypertension: blood pressure between 130-139/80-89 mm Hg
  • Stage 2 Hypertension: blood pressure 140/90 mm Hg or higher
  • Hypertensive Crisis: blood pressure 180/120 mm Hg or higher, which requires urgent medical attention

It's essential to monitor blood pressure regularly, especially for individuals who are at higher risk of developing hypertension, such as those with a family history of high blood pressure, obesity, or diabetes.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular physical activity, can also help prevent and manage hypertension.

Sure, here's a table summarizing the blood pressure criteria for hypertension and normal blood pressure:

Blood Pressure Classification
Systolic Pressure (mm Hg)
Diastolic Pressure (mm Hg)
< 120
< 80
< 80
Stage 1 Hypertension
Stage 2 Hypertension
≥ 140
≥ 90
Hypertensive Crisis
≥ 180
≥ 120

Practical Approach for Different Hypertension Stages

Stage 1 Hypertension: 

SBP 130-139 DBP 80-89: It should be naturally tackled with diety, lifestyle and Ayurvedic herbs.

Stage 2 Hypertension: 

SBP 140 and high DBP 90 and high: Here, you need to have quite intensive approach. Consider some scenario where you would like to fit yourself in…

Scenario 1: You have Stage 2 Hypertension.

  1. You consult a medical doctor, start with medical drugs
  2. Your blood pressure comes within normal range
  3. You do nothing with diet and lifestyle. You are comfortable with taking pills for the rest of your life.
  4. Your doctor advises few other blood tests and Ultrasound. You might have obesity, high blood lipid levels, fatty liver.
  5. You start to take medical drugs for these also.
  6. You don’t like to work on yourself.

Scenario 2: You have Stage 2 Hypertension.

  1. You consult a medical doctor, start with medical drugs
  2. Your blood pressure comes within normal range
  3. You start to look and identify certain factors in your diet, lifestyle and daily routine.
  4. You start to correct these.
  5. You start with Ayurvedic herbs.
  6. Within 2-3 months, you let go off medical drugs of hypertension.
  7. Your other tests - blood lipid levels, weight, stress level, flexibility and energy - goes up.
  8. You are able to manage with Ayurvedic herbs and lifestyle, enjoying life.

Note: The Closer the Blood Pressure is toward 140/90, the easier it is to manage with only Ayurvedic herbs alone.

Scenario 3: Stage 2 Hypertension with consistently high BP between 150/100 and 180 / 120

  1. You will need medical drugs definitely, need to visit doctor to calibrate the dosage.
  2. You should get evaluated for Lipid Profile, Liver Function Tests, Diabetes mellitus, Thyroid, Kidney Function Tests and Fatty Liver.
  3. Also have some advance tests for evaluating risk of Cardiovascular disorder if your are below 50 years.
  4. Start intensively working on diet and lifestyle.
  5. Continuously use Ayurvedic herbs. Right within a month, you will start to find some benefit and it will gradually build up.
  6. Regular follow up with medical and Ayurvedic expert.

Hypertensive Crisis: 

In this condition where BP is above 180 / 120…

  1. You might respond to medical drugs or might be hospitalized.
  2. Get evaluated thoroughly with blood tests and others.
  3. Stabilize Blood Pressure within Stage 2 category.
  4. Then, start to follow Ayurvedic herbs, diet and lifestyle along with medical drugs..
  5. Regular follow up.

For Persons with Normal BP or Elevated BP:

Already have BP within Normal Range or Elevated or Stage 1: You can take a preventive approach with Ayurvedic herbs, diet and lifestyle.

Introducing Embrace Ayurveda & Yoga - For Cardiovascular Wellbeing: 

This is 12 months long wellness coaching program that is having its new vesion modelled specifically for Cardiovascular Wellbeing - taking care of Hypertension, High Blood Lipid Levels, Obesity, Fatty Liver - guiding you about every aspect of diet, lifestyle, daily routines, stress reduction, mind health.

When you couple with Ayurvedic herbs and / or medical drugs, you are moving fast on the path of natural healing and cure.

Take Home Points:

  1. If you are healthy or have elevated BP, Start with Ayurvedic herbs, and diet and lifestyle education. Enjoy rest of your life with freedom and vibrant health.
  2. Stage 1 Hypertension: Start with Ayurvedic herbs, and diet and lifestyle education. It will be sufficient to take care right from very first month, for almost 95% of persons in this category.
  3. Stage 2 Hypertension: 140/90 to 150/100: You can start with only Ayurvedic herbs, diet and lifestyle. Within one month, you will see great improviement. Another approach could be starting medical drugs, as well as Ayurvedic herbs together, along with wellness coaching. Within 3-4 months you will be able to let go off medical drugs will be able to manage naturally.
  4. Stage 2 Hypertension: 150/100 and above: Start with medical drugs. Stabilize and simultaneously start with Ayurvedic herbs, diet and lifestyle education. In 4-12 months period, you will be able to manage the condition naturally with Ayurveda only.
  5. Hypertesive Crisis: Manage with medical drugs on highest priority. Stabilize and BP. Then, Start with Ayurvedic herbs, diet and lifestyle education. Within 6-12 months, you will be able to manage with only one medical drug and Ayurvedic herbs, or only with Ayurvedic herbs, depending upon various factors involved.

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