How Common is Hypertension

Prevalence of High Blood Pressure globally; Is Hypertension a disease of the rich? Are Women Safe from High BP?

The statistics of Blood Pressure tells about how common is hypertension globally, whether it is a disease of the rich person, it is merely a kind of excessive tension or stress, whether it spares women from its pangs and lot more such questions...

Rising Prevalence of Hypertension Globally:

This is the alarming truth, both for developed and developing countries. Hypertension could truly be called the modern times Pandemic.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately one in three adults worldwide has hypertension. This amounts to over one billion people affected by this condition.

Primary, Dietary and Lifestyle factors along with aging population is responsible for increasing prevalence of High Blood Pressure Globally.

How Common is Hypertension Worldwide

According to one data from 90 countries, The global age-standardized prevalence of High Blood Pressure was 31.1%. Approximately, one out of three persons is affected by this.

{Mills KT et al. Global Disparities of Hypertension Prevalence and Control: A Systematic Analysis of Population-Based Studies From 90 Countries. Circulation 134, 441–450 (2016). • PMID: 27502908}

Prevalence of Hypertension in Men Vs Women:

Hypertension is not the condition that you can say is more biased toward men or women, it is slightly softer toward women but doesn’t spare the better sex to greater extent.

The overall age-standardized prevalence of Hypertension was slightly higher in men (31.9%) as compared to women (30.1%).

However, generally women are relatively on the safer side during the period of active menstruation.

Is High Blood Pressure the Disease of Rich Persons?

Many persons have a totally wrong assumption about Hypertension. They consider it to be a disorder of the rich and affluent persons.

While other persons consider Hypertension to simply be ‘lot-of-stress’ or anxiety.

Both of these statements are wrong.

The prevalence of High Blood Pressure was found to be relatively lower in High Income Countries (HICs) 28.5% as compared to Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). Nat Rev Nephrol. 2020 Apr; 16(4): 223–237.

In my own clinical practice of over 23 years (since 2000), I found that a good number of young population (below 45 years) don’t get diagnosed especially in rural parts despite having high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels for months or years silently.

Even in Ayurvedic clinical practice, where it is not usual to have patients of Hypertension + Chronic Renal Failure as walk ins, I have had 2-3 persons, under 40 years, coming up every year with this peotentially fatal combination, if not managed properly and with priority.

So, I would say that condition is worse than reported in Low and Middle Income Countries, and in low income category all over the world.

Where is the lowest and highest prevalence of Hypertension:

The lowest prevalence of High Blood Pressure in men is found in South Asia (26.4%) and the highest prevalence of hypertension is in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (39%).

In women, the lowest prevalence is in High Income Countries (25.3%) and highest in Sub Saharan Africa (36.3%).

Why is there so much variation in Prevalence of Hypertension?

High Blood Pressure is a disorder where multiple factors are involved and present either as its risk factors or the ones that actually cause it. Some of these are…

  1. Genetics and Family History
  2. Dietary Factors
  3. Physical Activity or Exercise, Increasing Sedentary Habits
  4. Lack of Awareness
  5. Lack of proper management
  6. Alcoholism
  7. Obesity and Diabetes mellitus
  8. High Stress Levels
  9. Poor Socio-Economic Condition

What is the Worst Reality about Hypertension?

The sad reality about Hypertension is not its ability to cause Fatal Disorders like Heart Attack, Stroke, Kidney Failure and other life threatening or fatal disorders.

The SAD REALITY is Unacceptably Low Awareness, treatment and management of hypertension. This is what is leading to above mentioned life threatening conditions.

This is true all over the world. In some of Developed countries, esepecially European countries, you can consider the the less burdened healthcare system, social schemes and availability of free medications and community support system.

Ending with Something Remarkable about Hypertension:

If you leave aside Secondary Hypertension - high blood pressure caused by other disorders, and only consider Primary Hypertension that affects majority of persons, something positive could definitely done….

  1. To Manage Hypertension - with medical drugs or Ayurvedic herbs or a combination of both
  2. By Implementing Dietary and Lifestyle Modifications - low Sodium / Salt diet as suggested in earlier unit, a balanced physical activity also shared earlier
  3. By Adopting Yoga and Breathwork and Meditation

Above all, if you desire to lead a health focused life, or are aware of hypertension and its prevention by implementing Ayurveda and Yoga, you can definitely prevent it or manage with naturally with Ayurvedic herbs in a majority of condtions, and in majority of persons.

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