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Make Informed Choice about Starting Ayurvedic Treatment for Chronic / Autoimmune Disorders or for Positive Wellbeing

Do you plan to start Ayurvedic Treatment?

Learn about Ayurvedic treatment and make an informed choice about every aspect of it whether your goal is to overcome chronic / autoimmune disorders or experience positive wellbeing or prevent certain health issues.

Consider this page as "Free Ayurvedic Training Home" about general aspects of Ayurvedic treatment for all conditions as well as specific chronic disorders / autoimmune disorders.

You will find it regularly updated as we would come up with more Free Trainings about Specific disorder / condition.

What is Ayurvedic Treatment? What is the Right Approach to Start it?

Whether you are newbie and never heard about Ayurveda or you are from India and know a great deal about Ayurvedic treatment, this FREE TRAINING will guide you about Safety, Efficacy and Appropriate Way to START Ayurvedic Treatment.

You will get answers to all sorts of questions, queries and doubts...

Ayurvedic Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBDs - Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn's Disease

Over 1000 persons with IBDs have undergone this FREE TRAINING. This gives you indepth information about the nature of IBDs, the Ayurvedic approach, How to start with Ayurvedic herbs, how to use Ayurveda as co-therapy wiht medical treatment.

And Finally, how to move on the ladder of healing, gradually and naturally toward natural management and then toward its cure by Embracing Ayurveda & Yoga wisdom in daily life.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis affects joints mostly in elderly due to aging related degenerative changes. However, it is becoming increasingly common in young men and women due to wear and tear caused by injury, faulty diet, poor posture and lifestyle.

It starts with compromising flexibility, enhances stiffness and gradually causes pain and swelling in weight bearing important joints. It is best to know about it early and manage naturally with Ayurveda & Yoga.