Steroids in Ayurvedic Medicine or Herbal Products

The Naked Truth of Steroids in Ayurvedic Medicine & Herbal Products and How You could be Assured 110% that You Won’t be a Victim after reading this…

Recently, I wrote a small paragraph about steroids in Ayurvedic medicine while drafting an article about Ayurveda treatment for Osteoarthritis.

In the evening, a Senior Manager of ONGC (a big Indian Government Undertaking Company) visited my office. Her wife had undergone months of chemotherapy and radiation shots. So you would expect an above average level of sophistication.

During our talk, I was sharing about great results in few patients of Arthritis from his family who had been under my Ayurvedic Treatment Program for Osteoarthritis.

His wife bluntly told me that Ayurveda doctors often use “steroids” in Ayurvedic medicine to give quick results.

I was shocked that her husband was discussing with me few moments before about high quality standards in export of our Ayurveda herbal products and she simply blurted it out.

Then and there, I decided to write about ‘Steroids in Ayurvedic Medicine – The Naked Truth’.

I believe that it will be a great topic for all of you. I want you to be free of doubt, suspicion and confusion if you are planning to get products and services from Ayurvedic Herbalist.

I took special effort in developing a great video for members of Hansa Wellbeing Community.

Ayurveda Mentor, the division of Holistic Herbalist developing online health and wellness mentoring programs for individuals and practitioners, have developed Steroids Primer Video. You will find there…

  1. What are steroids? Are they found naturally in human body?
  2. What type of steroids are used as medical drugs or medicine?
  3. What are the side effects of steroids when you use them in short term, long term and when you use them in non-oral forms such as inhaler, spray, creams and injection?
  4. What are the problems faced by Ayurveda doctors or herbalists when you are already on medical drugs and how you could easily avoid them?
  5. What suggestions do Ayurvedic Herbalist give you to avoid or minimize the side effects of steroids if you are already taking them under prescription by medical doctor?

Let’s continue the earlier theme of this article – Steroids in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Is It Legal to Use Steroids in Ayurvedic Medicine or Herbal Products?

There are three types of Natural products available in most countries.

  1. Ayurvedic Medicine or Natural Medicine or Herbal Medicine
  2. Herbal Supplements
  3. Vitamins and Minerals supplement often containing few herbs and supplements

None of them can have Steroidal Drugs in them in any of the country. It is always ILLEGAL, anywhere in the world.

You can’t use Steroids in Ayurvedic Medicine or Herbs whether you want to disclose steroids on label or hide its presence. Both are illegal and not allowed.

What should you do if you doubt that a particular Ayurvedic Medicine has steroid?

If you doubt that after taking a specific natural product you are having side effects of steroids,

  1. You can get the natural product tested in laboratory.
  2. If the product is found to contain steroids, you can register the complaint to respective FDA or equivalent authorities in your area, or in your country.

I congratulate you in advance for your courage and goodwill to stop this malpractice.

Why do few Natural Healthcare Companies Use Steroids in Ayurvedic Medicine?

There is no valid or genuine logic behind using or mixing herbs with Steroid Drugs. It is always because of…

  1. Greed of Money
  2. Short term gain
  3. Pretending false efficacy of their products
  4. Using cheaper herbs and trying to give faster effects, again saving money and greed

Remember, it is always ILLEGAL.

Video in English Language – Six Tips To Save Yourself From Adulteration in Ayurveda / Herbal Medicines

Video in Hindi Language – Six Tips To Save Yourself From Adulteration in Ayurveda / Herbal Medicines

Why do few Ayurveda doctors, Herbalists, Vaidyas, Hakims and Homeopaths mix Steroids in their so called Natural Products in a apparently non-identifiable manner?

The same reasons that are given above are valid for Ayurveda doctors or Homeopaths or Herbalist who use steroidal drugs in herbs or natural products.

However, individual practitioners tend to do this more often as they are giving drugs to their patients in non-discernible manner. Usually…

  1. It’s not easy to identify this malpractice by the patient.
  2. Practitioner’s can easily escape it or discontinue this malpractice on doubt.
  3. Practitioner using their own herbs are more prone doing this.

So, beware of practitioners who provoke you to get their products so that you could get great relief in chronic conditions within a day or two. You might fall into their trap.

I have seen even many learned clients falling in this trap. They told me that remedies that are costing 1/5th of your tablets are giving very good relief even from first day.

Ultimately, your choice and discerning nature is supreme. You can save yourself from undesired side effects from unqualified and quack practitioners.

Can Qualified Ayurveda doctors legally prescribe Steroids or Painkillers to their patients?

It is also important to tell you that Ayurveda doctors are taught Modern Medicine along with Ayurveda. They follow the same length of training in medical schools like their fellow medical doctors.

When an Ayurveda doctor is prescribing you painkiller or steroid on prescription, and you know about the brand, dosage and everything, it is perfectly legal within India.

Ayurveda doctors can easily decide in private practice whether you do need steroids, they can modify its dosage. However, it is all done in a manner that patient remains well informed.

What this article is pointing toward and hitting is MALPRACTICE. It means that mixing steroidal drugs in herbs in a manner that the patient is not knowing about the fact that he or she is taking steroids.

How can you doubt whether you are taking Steroids in Ayurvedic Medicine or Natural products that are present in grossly non-identifiable manner?

You should doubt about taking steroid when you are taking only herbal products and you are going through any of these conditions…

  1. Prompt Relief in key symptoms like pain, inflammation, itching, pain, shortness of breath. With steroids, you get quick relief with 1-3 days or within few hours.
  2. If there is swelling in your body or your weight starts to increase after few weeks of taking herbal products.
  3. If your blood pressure or blood sugar level starts to aggravate despite your maintaining same diet and lifestyle.
  4. If you notice thinning of skin, it is noticeable after using steroids for more than 6 weeks.
  5. If you have become prone to infections.
  6. If your bones have become brittle after taking few months of herbal products.

Many persons who are taking steroids as medical drugs prescribed by a medical doctor will have these side effects.

And if they might be taking some herbs, then it is really tough to decide as you will already be getting these side effects.

I advise you to go through Steroids Primer Video to get acquainted with short and long term side effects of steroids.

What type of Herbal Products can easily be adulterated with Steroids?

All type of herbal products can have steroids. There is no problem in adulterating steroids with Tablets, Capsules, Powder, Syrups, Oils, Decoctions and Jams.

In my personal opinion, only some bad companies will dare to do this. Most reputed companies will never think of it.

Practitioners giving open herbs are more prone toward this malpractice, especially capsules and powders prepared within the clinic, without having labels or adequate information.

Again qualified and licensed doctors are less susceptible to this malpractice than quacks.

How can you remain sure that you won’t ever get Steroids in Ayurvedic Medicine or Herbal Supplements provided by Holistic Herbalist or Ayurvedic Herbalist?

I, Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar, in the capacity of Managing Director of Holistic Herbalist, would like to assure you that you could never ever have to think even about this issue when you are taking our products and services.

  1. We use same products that we Export in USA and Europe.
  2. Our Herbal Products comply with USA and Europe’s stringent Quality parametersfor Heavy Metals, Microbes and Pesticides.
  3. All our Tablets are of 1000 mg and contains about 60% of Standardized Herbal Extractsso that you could have more herbs in each Tablet.
  4. Our manufacturing facility is WHO GMP and ISO certified.
  5. We have Certificate of Analysis for all raw materials that use.
  6. All our finished goods undergo Third Party Laboratories for Ensuring Safety parameters.
  7. Despite having best of breed herbal products, we never claim fast results or cure within few days. We always insist that you use our products for at least 1 month and you will start to see benefit in a natural and gradual manner.
  8. We never Guarantee results despite offering one of the best products & servicesin Ayurvedic and Natural Healthcare.
  9. We are the first Ayurvedic company that claimed that Herbs do have their limitsand work with great passion and purpose on life empowering and health improving wisdom of Ayurveda through Health and Wellness Mentoring programs.

We will always prefer shutting down Herbal Supplements or Ayurveda products business before even thinking of the option of mixing steroids in Ayurvedic Medicine or Herbal Products. Now and Always!

So be 110% assured that you will never have to think about this issue of adulteration of steroids in Ayurvedic medicine or Herbal products when you are dealing with Holistic Herbalist or Ayurvedic Herbalist.

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For your better health and greater happiness. Now and Always!

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