Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program for Naturally Shedding Extra Pounds & Flab 

Now, You Can Get Rid of Excess Fat and Manage Your Weight Naturally, with Our Ayurvedic Herbs and Online Wellness Program – “Desired Weight & Admired Shape”!

Before sharing about Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program for obesity and fat burning, I believe that you can relate with and desire more than one of these outcomes…

You are Overweight and Obese and…

  1. are seeking a Natural, Holistic and Harmless Solution for shedding extra pounds
  2. Desire having an admired shape with optimum weight
  3. Want to stay away from or prevent long term harmful effects of overweight or obesity like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disorders and Stroke
  4. Fed up of crash diets and short cuts and want a definite and holistic approach
  5. Don't want to have any negative side effects with herbs or drugs
  6. Are looking for a system that you can follow after initial weight loss so that you can comfortably manage your weight
  7. Want to achieve this target under qualified expert guidance of Ayurveda Doctor
  8. Truly appreciate having a friendly and encouraging community of persons pursuing the same goal
  9. Love to be slim, with healthy proportion of fat and muscles, flexibility, booming with energy
How to naturally lose weight, burn fat and shed extra pounds with Ayurveda herbs.

Ayurvedic Weight Loss for Men and Women

Ayurvedic Herbalist helps you to achieve all of these goals through Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program…

  1. Gradually and naturally
  2. Without any harm
  3. In both short term and long term
  4. While staying within the comfort of your home
  5. In the harmless manner, without any negative effects
  6. While uplifting your energy, muscle to fat proportion and energy levels

Now, I like to introduce various modules that I have thoughtfully involved within Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program.

1st Pillar of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program: Food and Nutrition

The present modern knowledge food and nutrition can be very well complimented and fortified with Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom. You will get precise idea about your Ayurvedic Body Mind Type and would be able to decipher while certain foods and tastes are better for your health, and what foods you should avoid or minimize.

Remember that this applies to both type of foods that you might previously consider either healthy or unhealthy. The focus on Calorie Concept is one of the most disturbing, limiting and restrictive in nature. When you focus on calories of food, you miss their life enriching and nutrition providing energy. You will get crystal clear advice about advanced and relatively intuitive topics like Mind Eating, Satiety, How much of the food is enough, Ayurvedic Principles for Appropriate Eating, Ayurveda’s concept of Balanced Diet and many more.

2nd Pillar of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program: Good Digestion

I have found personally that a majority of obese persons are having common digestive complaints like hyperacidity and gas or bloating or flatulence. Remember, a healthy digestion is as important as nutritious food. I feel it a privilege to remind you that the paradigm of using Appetite Suppressant (either natural or medical drugs) is dangerous to your health.

I will explain you why this approach is negative and why you do need healthy digestion to stay with good health and optimum weight If you feel frequent pangs of hunger and it reflects about poor metabolism in your body. Your metabolism needs to be dealt properly; you don’t need to suppress your hunger.

3rd Pillar of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program: Elimination and Detoxification

Elimination stands for…

  1. Your bowel habits are right, you are not constipated or have diarrhea
  2. Other major elimination systems are also in good health – urine and sweating

These three major systems are responsible for disposal of waste material that your body produce as a part of digestion and metabolism. Ayurveda introduces you with the fantastic concept of Malas (Waste Materials) and their balanced functioning. This is very unique concept in Ayurveda where the balance of excretory materials are considered as mandatory to your wellbeing. Entire modern physiology attests to this fact.

You will immediately acknowledge and accept it just as what is truly happening. And I want to whisper in a soft manner – this will also rescue you from enthusiast naturopathic concepts or detox experts who are keen to overemphasize and use these modalities to the extent of disturbing the harmony of body.

4th Pillar of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program: Healthy and Youthful Metabolism

Do you hear this from obese persons? A good percentage of overweight individuals tell me… But I don’t overeat. I am taking a very restricted diet with almost low calories. I don’t know why my weight is not going down or why I am putting on weight month after month… This seems to be counterintuitive.

If you follow closely and ask other persons, you will find that this is many times a true fact. Your metabolism decides how to deal with post-digested part of nutrients from food that are circulating in your bloodstream. A healthy metabolism helps to burn the fat and sugar in food into energy and poor metabolism tries to hoard these calories as additional fatty layers in your body.

5th Pillar of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program: Herbs and Supplements

I don’t want you to believe in either of the two ways about herbs and supplements..

  1. Herbs and Herbal Supplement don’t work and are useless.
  2. Fat burning pills can help you lose weight irrespective of what you eat or do. Simply, Magical fat burning herbs and pills don’t exist.

I think that I am clear. I want you to have balanced perspective about herbs. The Herbal Supplement that we use in Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program is based upon Ayurveda herbs and it offers following benefits…

  1. Helpful for digestion
  2. Helps in elimination of wastes through bowel, urine and sweat
  3. Helps to uplift metabolism and liver function
  4. Helps to burn additional fat by correcting fat metabolism
  5. Helpful in balancing sugar metabolism and eases pangs of hunger

Usually, you are suggested to take 4 tablets in one day – either two tablets twice a day or 1 tablet after breakfast, 2 after lunch, 1 after dinner. You are also provided detox herbs.

Mind Over Flesh and Fat

6th Pillar of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program: Relaxation and Stress Relief

Modern studies have found that excess of dieting is considered by our body as famine and induces production of stress hormones. Similarly, low mood or depression, anxiety or excessive worry and insomnia or poor sleep are associated with increased physical and mental stress and are often compensated by lack of mobility and overeating of junk foods. One of the most surprising fact about human brain is that it is more active during sleep time.

Actually, brain works and remain consciously active for a longer duration. At night, it gets about one third (about 6-8 hours of time) to relax and rejuvenate entire system of organs and nerves in body. So, I train you for a definite experience of relaxation response. This relaxation also works as a foundation for other upcoming pillars.

7th Pillar of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program: Release of Harmful and Negative Emotions and Energy

As a student of yoga and meditation discipline from a very young age, I didn’t understand the value of release (letting go of negativity) until the age of 24 years when I met Shri Madabusi Subramaniam in 2000. Throughout the years since 2000, I became a firm believer of these relatively passive techniques and followed them all over the world.

I will guide you about releasing harmful layers of negative beliefs and emotions that subconsciously sabotage all your efforts to be healthy, slim and fit. This negative emotional energy is almost insurmountable and causes repeated failures in your effort to losing weight and have great health.

8th Pillar of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program: Lifestyle and Exercise

You will find a great variety of lifestyle and body mind types. You differ in age, stamina, interest and availability of time. The great point is Ayurveda asks you to enjoy and accept your individuality and encourages you to adopt a personalize practice while following the underlying principles of wellbeing.

You will find out how you can customize these choices for losing weight and shedding off fat and becoming healthier in a very flexible manner. Simply, you will become inspired and motivated instead of getting bored and dropping your sustained efforts for healthier living and achieving weight loss.

9th Pillar of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program: Reinforcement of Healthy Patterns in Body and Mind

The nature of this world is Action Oriented. Even if you have mind power, you are not supposed to and you can’t get aside the rules of healthier living. Here, I encourage you to internalize and make a practical system…THAT…

  1. Suits your age, stamina and strength
  2. Meets and fits into your daily routine in a seamless manner
  3. Encourages, inspires and motivates you to make consistent effort
  4. Is practical and enjoyable
  5. Helps you to achieve weight loss, stay in your ideal weight range
  6. Takes you further along of the path of health, better immunity and energy, and enjoy life

OK, you bear to the end of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program…

Now, you can remain assured and confident about...

  1. Losing weight, shedding extra fat
  2. Having desired weight and Admired body
  3. Bloom with youthful energy and great health
  4. Be more relaxed, focused and enjoying life and health
  5. Develop a habit of practical and flexible program to help you stay Slim, Fit, Flexible, Vibrant and Youthful

That is the beauty of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program!

Presently This Online Training Will be Available to Clients Who Order Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements for Weight Loss and Management.

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