Ayurvedic Treatment for Hypothyroidism or Under Active Thyroid

Get Natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Hypothyroidism and Boost the functioning of underactive thyroid naturally with safe herbs.

Ayurvedic treatment for hypothyroidism or poor functioning of thyroid gland utilizes natural herbs along with diet and lifestyle factors that help to naturally improve its functioning and boost overall metabolism.

What is Thyroid Gland?

Thyroid is an endocrine gland that secretes important hormones – Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyroxine (T3) – and these hormones play very important role in general metabolism in body.

Thyroid possesses a shape like butterfly and is situated in front

Thyroid produces these hormones under the influence of TSH – Thyroid stimulating hormone – secreted by Pituitary gland in brain.

In Hypothyroidism, the thyroid is having two situations…

  1. TSH levels in blood is raised and it signifies that Pituitary is sending message to Thyroid to produce more hormones.
  2. Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyroxine (T3) levels in blood is low and it signifies that subpar concentration in blood.

What do Thyroid Hormones do in Body?

Thyroid is very important seat of metabolism and do affect the entire body.

  1. It regulates how body utilizes carbohydrates and fat
  2. It has an impact on heart rate and blood pressure
  3. Body temperature is also affected.
  4. Through regulation of protein production, it affects metabolic activity on a wide scale such as reproductive or sex hormones etc.

How Do I Know that I have Underactive Thyroid or Hypothyroidism?

Usually in early stages, there might not be any symptoms. When the conditions further worsen, there is characteristic signs and symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

Many times, your doctor or family physician doubts it and gets a blood test done for it. And you come to know about this condition for the first time.

Otherwise, the common symptoms are…

  1. Puffy face
  2. Fatigue
  3. Weight gain
  4. Sensitivity to cold
  5. Hoarseness of voice
  6. Pain, stiffness and swelling in joints
  7. Weakness of muscles, stiffness and tenderness in muscles
  8. Dry Skin
  9. Constipation
  10. Thinning of hair
  11. Slowing down of heart rate, raised level of blood cholesterol
  12. Impaired memory, low mood and depression
  13. Irregular menstrual cycle and heavy bleeding in periods

Goitre is the enlarged thyroid and occurs when Hypothyroidism is not properly treated.

Myxedema is the rare and advanced condition of Hypothyroidism with severity of symptoms.

Poor thyroid functioning can happen in infants and kids and teens and might present different symptoms.

What is the Cause of Hypothyroidism?

Some common and obvious causes are…

  1. Autoimmunity
  2. Medical drugs for hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid
  3. Use of radiation therapy in cancers affecting neck and head
  4. Surgery of Thyroid
  5. Some other medical drugs, for example lithium
  6. Congenital disorders
  7. During or after pregnancy
  8. Tumor of Pituitary gland and failure to secrete TSH
  9. Deficiency of trace mineral Iodine in diet
  10. Overuse of Iodine in diet

Who run the risk of Hypothyroidism or Who are prone to develop it?

  1. Women around 40
  2. Lady who have delivered a baby or is pregnant
  3. Persons who already have Autoimmune disorders like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis
  4. Persons having family history of Hypothyroidism
  5. Persons who have had Thyroid surgery or received radiation therapy in neck, head and upper chest
  6. Persons receiving some medical drugs that are anti-thyroid in nature

What are the complications of Hypothyroidism if it is not properly treated?

  1. Goitre or enlarged thyroid
  2. Increased risk of heart disease – raised blood cholesterol
  3. Mind Health – low mood, depression and sluggish mental functioning
  4. Damage to peripheral nerves resulting in numbness, tingling, weakness of muscles
  5. Myxedema – life threatening and advanced hypothyroidism
  6. Birth defects in babies born to mothers having untreated hypothyroidism
  7. Infertility and impairment of fertility

What is the medical treatment of Hypothyroidism?

This condition is medically treated by synthetic thyroid hormone – Levothyroxine. The patient needs to have lot of patience as symptoms gradually start to reverse after 1-3 months of treatment.

Usually 1-3 months or longer is required to determine the proper dosage. The patient needs to take medical drugs throughout their life time.

What is Ayurvedic point of view for Hypothyroidism?

Ayurveda groups all hormonal, metabolic and enzymatic activities to Pitta. Here, it is subtype of Pitta – Ranjak Pitta that directly regulates and influences the hormonal activity.

The Ayurvedic approach for Hypothyroidism treatment is…

  1. Providing stimulation to Thyroid so that it can gradually improve and restore the production of thyroid
  2. General cleansing of body
  3. Boost up of general metabolism of body
  4. Providing support to mind functioning, brain and nerves
  5. Uplifting the energy levels, boosting the balance of female or male hormones and sexual wellbeing

You can easily sum this approach as directing affecting or stimulating thyroid, providing support and boosting metabolism and cleansing the body.

What kind of Ayurvedic Treatment for Hypothyroidism do you provide?

Depending upon the time and severity of underactive thyroid, the following regimen of herbs is recommended and given…


  1. Ayur Metalite: 3 to 4 tablets daily
  2. Ayur Shodhan: 1-2 tablets at night; or Amrit Sandhya – ½ to 1 teaspoonful at night


  1. My Joyful Mind or Ayur Ananda: 2 Tablets daily
  2. My Men’s Herbs for men, My Women’s Herbs or Ayur Nari for women: 2 tablets daily or My Active Liver: 2 tablets daily

Initially, it is suggested to have complete regimen of herbs for a period of 3-6 months.

Holistic Online Training Program for Thyroid Wellbeing:

We provide free online training to all clients that offer guidance about diet, lifestyle and exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs about Hypothyroidism

Please feel free to write us or send your query by using this page or call us at +91-9711133682.

Q: I am on medical treatment right now. How should I proceed with this Ayurvedic treatment for Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism Ayurvedic treatment is not replacement of medical treatment. You can start it simultaneously. You should know that even medical treatment is slow responding.

Have some patience and gradually your medical doctor might need to lower or adjust the dosage of medical drugs. And you will start to feel benefit symptomatically right from first month.

Q: I am newly diagnosed for Hypothyroidism. Should I start with only Ayurvedic treatment?

Actually it can be the best option for you, especially if your symptoms are mild to moderate.

If you have severe symptoms, it is better to seek medical treatment and you can use Ayurvedic treatment simultaneously as complimentary treatment.

Q: How long does it take Ayurvedic Hypothyroidism treatment to complete cure it?

Generally, hypothyroidism is considered an incurable disorder and you need to take medical drugs throughout your life.

When your disease is chronic, you have it for several years, the first target is effective management with medical and Ayurvedic treatment.

The second goal and step would be total natural management. To reach this level, it can take months or a year or longer.

Q: Do you offer medical drugs and blood tests?

No, you should consult medical doctors or pathology labs for blood tests. Your medical doctor is right person to prescribe, adjust and modify dosage of medical drugs for hypothyroidism.

We do provide Natural or Herbal and Ayurvedic herbs and guide about the same.

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