Bursting Weight Loss Myths

Myths and Queries Regarding Natural Weight Loss, Holistic Weight Management and Fat Burning

I, Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar reply your Weight Loss Query, Doubts and Questions from the point of view of Ayurveda, Holistic and Natural Wellbeing.

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Weight Loss Query – 1 – What kind of exercise will be the best for me for weight loss.

You can actually enjoy a variety of exercise. It could be a mix of walk or jogging in nature, swimming, cycling, yoga, gym and aerobics. Make a schedule that is interesting and helps you to enjoy the exercise and their health benefits. You can mix two to three of these in a week. Mild to Moderate Exercise can prove to be wonderful for your health when practiced regularly over a period of time.

Weight Loss Question – 2 – What is your opinion about surgical procedures for achieving weight loss?

I firmly believe after seriously analyzing the options of surgery for weight loss that very few persons are suitable for considering surgery for weight loss. There can be certain medical conditions where it can be helpful. For most overweight and obese individuals, the definite path is the holistic approach that I advise in our Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program.

Weight Loss Doubt – 3 – My Yoga teacher told me to practice a different type of Yoga. How effective will it be?

Yoga, especially Asanas or postures and breathing, are great tools for health as well as losing weight. You should definitely consider them. However, don’t adopt this graceful practice in unnatural manners like practicing Yoga in rooms with high temperature or excessive practice in a day. Yoga practice encourages balance and rhythm and you should not torture yourself, your body or mind at all.

Weight Loss Query – 4 – I do a lot of Kapalbhati (Breathing Exercise). It will dissolve all my weight.

Never be overzealous! Yoga is a powerful tool. Seek the expert guidance and them practice regularly in moderation. Usually, 15-60 minute session is all that you might require in a day.

Weight Loss Query – 5 – How can I lose 20 kg in one or two months?

Don’t aim for weight loss goals that are unreasonable and can produce harmful effects in your body. Ideally, in first month, you can easily shed 1-3 kg or 2-6 pounds of weight. After initial 3-6 kg of weight loss, you have to be happy for achieving 1-3 kg of weight loss each month. Remember, you are losing weight to become healthy and look great. You won’t like to invite diseases and degenerative changes or premature aging.

Weight Loss Query – 6 – I just conceived four weeks ago. I want to get rid of my weight in a fast manner.

This is a wrong goal at this point of time. Enjoy the motherhood and take good care of your baby.

Weight Loss Query – 7 – I am a calorie freak and try to count and decide calories of every food. Will this attitude help me?

Don’t be a Calorie freak! Enjoy the healthy food, cherish it and thank the Nature and others for it. Express your Gratitude. I always suggest and personally prefer getting familiar with portions for different foods. And above all, I explain and teach in Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program how to find how much of a food is enough for you, how much to eat, how to appreciate body signals of satiety.

Weight Loss Query – 8 – I find some meditation music or hypnotherapy tracks that will reset my system entirely and make me slim?

This approach – Mind Body Healing – is definitely helpful when combined with other holistic methods as explained in Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program. However, you won’t get benefit if you don’t exercise other healthier options. Your subconscious mind definitely knows whether you are sincere or not. You can’t cheat or fool it by listening to music tracks and indulging in unhealthy habits.

Weight Loss Query – 9 – Can I eat to the full and still lose weight?

The answer is both Yes and No. Actually, your body gives a signal that tells you how much is enough. This is actual fullness. This is good variety of fullness and you should say Yes to it. If you ignore this and go past this, you tend to overindulge and overeat. This is bad variety and is to be avoided. Additionally, I explain and guide you about some advanced topics in Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program – such as why Clarified butter or other good fat – are helpful, and healthier to have in your diet and lead you to weight loss.

Weight Loss Query – 10 – Should I let go of Junk Food or Fast Foods entirely?

Junk foods are junk because they are very sparse in nutrients and provide you bad and unhealthy variety of fat and carbs. Always choose healthier and wholesome food and your desire for junk food will go away. I will tell you about this in Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program.

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