Gout Ayurvedic Treatment

Gout Ayurvedic Treatment – FAQs or Get Answers To All Your Queries About Hyperuricemia Natural Treatment in Ayurveda

You might have many queries about Hyperuricemia or Gout Ayurvedic Treatment. We try to reply most of your doubts and queries here.

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How is Gout known generally?

Gout is considered as “Vata-Rakta” in Ayurveda. It means Vata dosha, Pitta dosha and Rakta Dhatu are specially vitiated and needs balance.

However, many people consider Gout as simply Vata or Vayu Vikar because of pain in joints. But this is incorrect. Gout is different from Sandhivata or Osteoarthritis.

Gout is also different from”Aama-Vata” or Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, generally, many people consider Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis as Gathia Bai in Hindi because of swelling around joint structure.

In Modern Medicine, Gout is simply a form of Arthritis caused by or associated with High Uric Acid Levels in Blood and Joint. That is why it is also called Gouty Arthritis as well.

You as a patient of Gout might know it by any folk name. It is irrelevant. But your Ayurveda or Natural Health practitioner should know about Gout correctly.

Is your Ayurvedic Treatment for Gout a cure for this problem?

Despite being one of the most responsive and people-centric Ayurveda companies, we want tell you truth about Gout’s Cure straightforwardly.

We DON’T offer…

  1. A cure or magical remedy for Gout
  2. Don’t guarantee or promise that our Ayurvedic Treatment for Gout will permanently cure this problem.

And this is true from all Ayurvedic, Natural and Herbal treatment point of view. You will understand it in few minutes.

The fact is that Gout is

  1. A metabolic disorder where there is high uric acid in blood
  2. Liver and Kidney are both directly involved
  3. Joints and other tissues are secondarily affected because of urates crystals deposition
  4. The nature of Gout is Chronic and Progressive disorder

Chronic and Progressive disorder are not usually curable. They are MANAGEABLE. However, they can be almost perfectly manageable. And you should set Holistic and Natural Management of Gout as your priority as a patient.

Can’t I control Gout or Hyperuricemia with Diet and Lifestyle alone?

With diet regulation, you could limit the production of uric acid to only some extent. Even though diet control offers limited help, this is of paramount importance, especially in Gout’s Ayurvedic Treatment.

With exercise and lifestyle, you could strengthen joints, improve their flexibility, reduce your symptoms.

How do the herbs that you give work for Gout Ayurvedic Treatment?

With our Ayurvedic treatment for Gout, you get herbs that work on Uric Acid metabolism from three angles…

  1. Improving Uric Acid metabolism by Liver
  2. Supporting Kidneys to excrete more of Uric Acid
  3. Strengthening Joints and relieving pain, redness and swelling

So, you could definitely manage Gout with our Ayurvedic Treatment and Health Management services in the best possible manner.

What should I expect with your Gout Ayurvedic Treatment?

This is the question that you should ask and deserves the best reply.

  1. Natural and gradual relief of pain, stiffness and associate swelling right from first two weeks.
  2. You can get rid of painkiller drugs after some time and or reduce their intake substantially. (1-3 months)
  3. Better, Easier and Comfortable Movements (starting within 1 month)
  4. Improved Flexibility (starting within 1 month)
  5. Gradually normalizing of high blood uric acid levels (1-6 months)
  6. Ultimately stopping or reducing our Ayurvedic Treatment for Gout (after 4 to 6 months)
  7. Maintaining good joints health with diet and exercise (after 6 months)

Please also know that these are average approximations based on what we have found in our patients.

In actual life, efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment for Gout relies upon several factors like duration of gout, intensity of symptoms, blood uric acid levels, your diet, lifestyle, metabolism, general health and making required modifications in your life.

Can I get relief in joints pain caused by Gout or Hyperuricemia within few days? How soon can I get relief in joints pain?

Our Ayurvedic treatment is not working like painkiller drugs. We use only herbal products. It might take 2-4 weeks for you to get considerable relief in joints pain to know that you are on the right path of natural treatment of Gout.

If you have moderate to severe pain, we suggest you to take some painkiller or other drugs under guidance of medical doctor. You can continue our program along with medical treatment.

How can I know that my Gout is severe one?

The best method is to visit a medical doctor or Ayurveda doctor, get your tests done and you can find there…

  1. Poor condition of Joints cartilage, Synovial Fluid or structures around joints
  2. Diminished Joint space in synovial cavity
  3. Urate crystals inside Joints
  4. High Blood Uric Acid level
  5. High Uric Acid in urine
  6. Kidney Stones or Burning sensation in Urine
  7. Osteophytes or bony spur or spikes

Severity or intensity of symptoms in Gout is usually associated with acute attack or onset of Hyperuricemia related arthritis, and with recurrent attacks.

Other factors to consider are your age, medical treatment, diet and lifestyle.

How long should I continue with your Hyperuricemia or Gout Ayurvedic Treatment?

This answer can vary form one person to another. Usually we suggest you to be on our Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis for at least 5-6 months or longer.

Will I get same type of Herbs in same quantity throughout these months in Hyperuricemia or Gout Ayurvedic Treatment?

We usually give you herbs for 1 month duration or longer. Every month, we evaluate the condition individually and suggest you whatever will be best for you.

After 3-4 months of Ayurvedic treatment, there is need to bring down the herbs that you are taking. In few persons, there might be need to give more of herbs.

How can I pay for your Hyperuricemia or Gout Ayurvedic Treatment?

–> See Payment Options

How can I be sure that I won’t get Steroids or any other medical drug in your herbs?

–> Unadulterated, Pure Herbs Guarantee with Ayurvedic Herbalist

What is your opinion about Classical Ayurvedic Treatment for Gout?

The simple truth is that Ayurveda works but, and you have to get…

  1. The pure herbs
  2. As a part of great formulations
  3. In right quantity
  4. In the form that you can take easily
  5. And that are safe and effective for long term duration

And you need qualified support and personalized attention from Ayurveda or Natural Healthcare professional.

Classical Ayurveda medicines includes..

  1. Guggul based Ayurvedic tablets
  2. Herbal Tablets containing herbs and Bhasmas or metallic preparations
  3. Churnas or Herbal Powders for Vata, Pitta and Rakta pacification
  4. Asava-Arishta for Vata-Pitta disorders
  5. Oils for relieving pain and redness

What do you offer for Gout Ayurvedic Treatment?

We offer Ayurveda herbs in more convenient and powerful mode. You get…

  1. Tablets of 1000 mg containing herbal extracts – 3 Types of Tablets, 8 Tablets in total in a day
  2. Herbal Powder or Tablet for Detox and Cleansing – 1/2 to 1 tsf at night (Optional)
  3. Oil (Optional)

We provide you herbs that are simple enough to use, to carry and you get great results and reliable professional support.

Additionally, there is one truth that you should keep in mind. We have never found two of the most powerful Ayurvedic herbal extracts for joints health in any of the classical Ayurveda medicines. We are using both of these herbs in extract forms along with other Ayurveda herbs that effectively make part of Gout Ayurvedic Treatment.

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