Ayurveda and Gout

How do  we  Treat   and Manage   Gout or Vatarakta following  Ayurveda in a  Natural and Safe manner?

The purpose of this article is to make you well-informed about Ayurveda and Gout or Vatarakta. You can find tons of information about this joint disorder, based on Ayurvedic as well as medical perspective of Gout or Arthritis with High Uric Acid.

Gout Versus Osteoarthritis in Ayurveda:

Even though Gout is generally grouped under Arthritis, it is a metabolic disorder of Uric Acid. That is why it is grouped under metabolic disorders as well. The cause of Osteoarthritis is generally aging, wear and tear, injury and poor nutrition and lifestyle habits. Gout is primarily associated with high Uric Acid levels in blood (Hyperuricemia) that causes joints pain or arthritic symptoms.

Ayurveda and Gout – The Healthy Joint – The Functional Integrity:

Ayurveda considers ‘Vata Dosha’ as responsible for all movements, pressure forces and impulses. “Rakta Dhatu” represents blood and associated metabolism. The Ayurvedic term for Gout is Vata-Rakta. It signifies the association of Vata disorder (joint pain) along with vitiated Pitta dosha and Rakta Dhatu.

This term has been used in Ayurveda for millennia and Charaka Samhita has described this disorder in good clarity. The classical symptoms of Gout do represent the truth behind the name – Vata-Rakta. Naturally, the other factor- Doshas and Dhatus – that make part of a joint are affected later on, with the progression of the disease.

Ayurveda and Gout or Hyperuricemia:

The understanding of modern medicine and Ayurveda is almost similar when considering the Gout or Hyperuriceamia. They diverge on the point of treatment and management of this disorder. You don’t find “Uric Acid or Hyperuricemia” in ancient Ayurveda.

However, you can find almost close or better presentation of symptoms that still are characteristic of Gout. Further, the name Vata-Rakta is self-explanatory from Ayurvedic point of view and gives hint toward its Ayurvedic treatment and management.

Ayurveda and Gout or Hyperuricemia – What Causes It?

High Uric Acid levels in blood or Hyperuricemia is the universal factor present in Gout. When high blood uric acid is present without causing any symptoms, it is simply called Silent or Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia. At other times, high Uric Acid levels in blood causes different type of problems such as…

  1. Kidney Stones after deposition of Urate crystals. It is often recurrent in nature.
  2. Poor Kidney functioning, sometimes, it can cause failure of kidney as crystals block a number of tubules in Kidney
  3. Arthritis when Urate crystals gets deposited in joints and surrounding tissues.

Why do High Uric Acid level is present in blood in Gout?

Uric Acid is a normal byproduct of Purine (Protein) metabolism in body. Uric Acid is present naturally in body and in various foods such as organ asparagus, mushrooms, meats, herring and anchovies – usually high protein foods with fat. Usually excess of uric acid passes through kidneys and body gets rid of it.

Sometimes, either body produces more uric acid or body is not able to get rid of it. In both conditions, the blood level of uric acid rises and cause these problems related with Hyperuricemia.

Ayurveda and Gout – Changes occurring in Gout:

Silent or Asymptomatic Stage: Here, there are no symptoms in body. Only high uric acid level is detected in blood. It can be the ideal time to start our Ayurvedic treatment program.

Kidney Stone or Recurrent Kidney Stone: It is better than Gout Arthritis and can be managed with our Ayurvedic treatment program.

Acute Attack of Gout: It is sudden and acute attack of joints pain caused when urate crystals get deposited in joints and surrounding structures.

Chronic Gout: It is a chronic and progressive disorder. It means that it is lasting and you can experience one or more acute episodes in a year when you will have intense pain.

Who is more susceptible for Gout – Men or Women?

Gout affects men more than women. It is more likely to present in the age group of 35-50. However, it can occur earlier or later on. After menopause, the chances of Gout are same in men and women. If someone in your family has gout, you have more risk for having it. It has a tendency to run in family.

Ayurveda and Gout – Symptoms that You might have in Gout:

Intense Joints Pain: The pain of gout is sudden in onset and it is intense. Ayurveda mentions it like a stinging pain as felt by scorpion bite.

Pain at Night: The sudden and intense pain is felt more often, more intensely at night.

Affected Joints: Big toe is the most commonly affected joint. However, it can occur in your feet, ankles, knees, hands, wrists and other joints as well.

Other Symptoms: Generally, there is warmth, swelling and redness of joints and surrounding area. Many times, there is tenderness pain on touching the joint.

Duration of Pain: The pain is intense for few days since its first start. Afterward, when the severe pain subsides, the discomfort and pain remains there for few days to weeks. The affected joints become red, swollen and tender.

Chronic and Progressive Nature: Gout is a chronic and progressive nature. It means that pain affects more joints, in more severe manner during later attacks. That is why it is necessary to manage it on a long term basis in a natural manner.

Common Methods of Diagnosing Gout or Hyperuricemia:

  1. Uric Acid Levels in Blood for Hyperuricemia
  2. Joints Fluid Test for Gout
  3. Plain X ray

Ayurveda and Gout – Ayurvedic Line of Treatment:

The Ayurvedic treatment of Osteoarthritis rests upon these principles…


We at Ayurvedic Herbalist makes use of rejuvenative herbs, restorative herbs, Anti Vata herbs for anti-inflammatory, natural pain relief and antidegenerative herbs to check the progression of disease, to relieve symptoms, to improve joint structure, to improve flexibility and movement.

We pay special attention to balance your metabolism, detox and cleansing as the short to long term treatment and prevention option with special herbs that you can take for long duration without any side effects.

Along with Ayurvedic herbs, external Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy procedures like simple massage, Patrapottali and Churnapottali are also helpful in relieving problems like pain and redness, and in improving flexibility. The overall emphasis is to relieve the symptoms in the natural manner, without side effects. Then, all efforts are made to keep uric acid level under control so that you have less chance of repeat attacks.

You can expect fast relief, naturally. We make good use of non-herbal dietary and lifestyle measures to ensure that you stay healthier, with even as little herbs as possible. You can use our Ayurvedic Treatment for Gout along with your current medical treatment and drugs.

Modern Medical Treatment of Gout:

NSAIDS or Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs are simple pain killers and anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen, aceclofenec are the most commonly used. Some of them are available on prescription and some are available as over the counter drugs.

These work on the principle of RELIEVE FOR FEW HOURS, FORGET FOR FEW HOURS. And there is risk involved like stomach upset, cardiovascular problems, bleeding problems, liver and kidney damage and ringing in your ears. Unfortunately elderly are at greater risk of these side effects.

Colchicine: It is commonly prescribed for relieving pain in Gout. It has strong side effects such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Corticosteroids: Corticosteroids like Prednisolone are prescribed to persons whose symptoms are severe and are not controlled by earlier drugs. We suggest only short term use under medical supervision when required. They give symptomatic relief and actually are harmful for your body, even in short term. They predispose to several serious disorders on mid to long term use. Don’t start, change or discontinue their dosage yourself.

Drugs Blocking Uric Acid Production: Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors (Allpurinol and Febuxostat) block uric acid production in body and lower blood uric acid level. Their side effects include rashes, low blood count, nausea and reduced liver function. XOI drugs use may actually trigger a new acute attack of Gout if not judiciously prescribed.

Uric Acid Removing Drugs: Probenecid helps by improving Kidney’s ability to remove Uric acid from body. The increased presence of urates in urine promotes Kidney stones. Other side effects are rashes and stomach pain.

Ayurveda and Gout – Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle Based Measures:

Physiotherapy and Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy are definitely good choice. Instead of going regularly to Physiotherapy or Ayurveda Panchakarma clinic, learn the simple procedures that you can do at home or ask somebody in family for help. We give you practical suggestion in our health and wellness mentoring program for Gout.

Guided Yoga Postures and Exercises do offer great relief. You will find Flexibility Enhancement Exercises based on Yoga and Tai Chi movements. You also come across Yoga exercises to boost your metabolism.

Dietary and Lifestyle choice can play a significant role in effective treatment, prevention, longer remissions of symptoms and in keeping blood Uric Acid under control. And we help you to get full benefit of all of those choices.

Surgical Options for Gout:

Corticosteroids shot into joint is a relatively better choice than taking it internally. You get some relief of pain in a specific joint. But this procedure is also limited as you can’t get more than a limited number of shots in a joint during a year. Why? This procedure simply relieves pain and symptoms and actually advances the condition of that joint. The consolation could be that the harm and benefit is limited to the joint where shot is given.

Ayurveda and Gout Management:

Ayurvedic Herbalist strongly suggests adoption of our line of treatment for Gout or Hyperuricemia. Our approach is…


Remember, there is nothing bad in using painkillers or medical treatment to relieve joints pain and symptoms for some time, especially in acute phase. Do try our Ayurvedic treatment program for at least 1-2 months to feel what natural and holistic healthcare can do. We suggest you to go through complete series of articles about this problem, and get a good idea what Ayurvedic Herbalist offers for Gout treatment.

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