Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation 

How do Women achieve better health and wellbeing with Ayurveda? 

Let me introduce you with the best of Ayurveda herbs for a modern women to stay in Positive Health, booming with energy, have fitness, youthful skin with emotional warmth and brilliance of mind...

Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation had been a widely ignored topic by both Ayurveda doctors as well as modern ladies. Feminine health is not merely limited to menstrual and reproductive wellbeing. It is much more than that.

What is Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation program?

Ayurvedic Herbalist adopts an easy, holistic and inside-out approach by having an integrated wellness program for feminine health. This program consists of…

  1. Full and Initial Version: Ayurveda herbal products for overall women health (Total 120 Tablets in One Month, having two different Ayurveda products having 60 tablets each)
  2. Maintenance Version: Ayurveda herbal products for overall women health (Total 60 Tablets in One Month, having two different Ayurveda products having 30 tablets each)
  3. Online health and wellbeing program containing small videos that guides you about diet, lifestyle and exercise.

Who can benefit from AWR Program?

You are the most suitable for AWR if you are and you want…

  1. Between 12 and before menopausal age (Usually 40-45 in India)
  2. Desire to have – Menstrual, Sexual and Reproductive Wellbeing
  3. Want Healthy Metabolism and good Weight Control
  4. High Energy levels
  5. Improved Fitness, Stamina and More Muscle mass (lean mass)
  6. Better Focus, Memory and Sleep
  7. Less of Stress, More Emotional Wellbeing
  8. Of Course, Youthful Looks, Curves and Contours

Current Scenario of Women Wellbeing:

Modern generation of ladies are more stressed than ever. The susceptibility for stress is higher than men. Most ladies prefer to work and become self-reliant or contribute to family earning.

The increased responsibility for education, work and family keeps their mind and body in a continuously ‘high’ state. Even the condition of home maker ladies (housewives) is not sound.

The status of nutrition is continuously going down as the quality food is always an issue, especially in metro cities. There is some misconception regarding good nutrition even in qualified persons.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Program for Ladies

Holistic Benefits that You can expect and you will have:

Menstrual, Reproductive and Sexual Wellbeing: The female body follows a cyclical pattern during active menstrual years. The body, physiology, hormones and psychology actually undergoes a cyclical flux where different sets of hormones dictate during first half and second of menstrual cylce.

Menstrual wellbeing is closely related with hormonal balance, good skin health, health of reproductive organs and sexual wellbeing. Sex is not considered as a taboo in Ayurveda. Actually, even Yoga and Meditation traditions, accept sexual energy as the most fundamental energy that needs to be sublimed in life through various creative, artistic and academic ventures.

It is important to understand that Sexual wellbeing doesn’t refer to sexual stimulated state. Sexual wellbeing simply means having more vitality in life.

Soaring Energy Levels: If you find your energy levels depleted in the evening hours, ‘Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation’ program is best for you. During stressful working, it is common to feel depleted even during morning hours. This program gives you a sense of renewed energy levels.

Hormonal Balance, Healthy Metabolism and Good Weight Maintenance: Natural hormonal balance is crucial to feminine wellbeing. Remember, we mentioned balance.

Control of hormones and menstrual cycles through hormone pills or Oral Contraceptive is one of the medically established causes of weight gain in ladies. Ayurveda fosters balance naturally. The actives from plants do it through multiple pathways exercising the feedback mechanisms of female body.

The hormonal balance also reflects in Healthy Metabolism which naturally helps in maintaining optimum weight. Remember, we didn’t mention Weight Loss. We are against giving you false and hyped information. Optimal weight maintenance means that you are able to retain your weight within a range more successfully and are less susceptible to weight gain than others.

Stronger Muscles, Improved Fitness and Stamina: The strength and stamina in body comes from strong muscles. The special plants do work on improving Muscles to Fat proportion naturally. If you couple it with some exercise in your lifestyle, it works even better. You simply stay Fit and Active for leading the dynamic life.

Intelligent Mind with Better Cognitive Health: The present and later half of last century has broken all myths about poorer IQ of better sex than males. Ayurveda herbs in our program do support your memory, alertness and learning ability. You will be able to focus better and retain better.

Emotional Wellbeing: Even though some ladies want to linger and feel better upon having equal IQ as men, the truth is that you should take pride in having better EQ and it is proven in countless studies.

Don’t you think that just the way you look at, can make a men of high IQ flat on his knees, begging for your love, and get obsessed with you?

Emotive expression and warmth is the cornerstone of women’s psychology. Ayurveda recognized this truth and we make use of it in our Ayurveda products for you.

Additionally, with improved mental and emotional wellbeing, you will find that your mental and emotional threshold for stress is going up, you mental and emotional reserve is better. You can manage and navigate you path in a smoother and better manner even in stressful situations.

Don’t Worry about Youthful Looks: Ayurveda takes care of feminine looks both from Inside and Outside. We used Ayurveda rejuvenative herbs that help to nourish all the tissues in body, set your antiaging efforts on a rock solid foundation. We present some special and less commonly herbs that are famous to support feminine curves and contours.

What is the duration for which a lady can continue Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation Program?

Ideally, you should start with…

Initial and Full Version of Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation program and stay with it for 6 months duration.

Then, you can keep it in maintenance version. Or you can drop it for some time and start this version after some time.

What are the charges of Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation program?

Even though AWR can be sold easily in organizations at twice the price that we are offering you. But we want to launch it with a special offer to you.

AWR’s full and initial version costs merely at Rs. 1500 a month, inclusive of all charges. We are giving a discount of 20% to you as a launch offer and you save Rs. 300 and pay onlyRs. 1200 a month.

AWR’s Maintenence package is available to clients who successfully has used it for three months for Rs. 650 a month or Rs. 1200 for two months.

You can pay using following payment information of Ayurvedic Herbalist.

After payment, please contact us by phone +91-9212025457 or using this form. Then, we will send you a courier and username and password for your account on our Ayurveda mentoring website.

Frequent Asked Questions or FAQs About
Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation

Who AWR Program is for?

Any lady, young or mature, can get benefit from it. We suggest that your minimum age should be above 12 years and maximum age should be menopausal period. Maximum age can thereby vary from one women to other.

Another period when you should not adopt is during pregnancy.

Can I take Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation along with Vitamins and Mineral Supplement?

Yes, you can definitely take both of them together. You will get the required quantity of Iron, Copper, Zinc and other trace minerals through natural herbs and minerals in our program.

I am a newly wed lady and planning for pregnancy. Will it be helpful for me?

Yes, you should definitely adopt Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation program. These herbs will definitely help you, improve health and wellbeing of reproductive organs, support your whole body and mind.

You can discontinue it after your pregnancy test is positive. Remember, there is no harm if you continue it during pregnancy for 2-4 weeks. However, a lady needs different nutritive herbs during pregnancy.

Will Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation Program be harmful for Post-Menopausal lady?

Definitely Not. If you are going through Perimenopausal period – a transition period of 2-4 years just before, during and after menopause – you should consider it. It will definitely relieve your symptoms.

Once menopause has set in, we suggest another group of herbs as you need different type of herbal nutrition by that time.

I am an Obese girl. Will it be helpful for reducing weight?

Yes, you can definitely use this program and you will get some benefit in your overweight problem. Your fitness level and energy levels will also improve. Even if you are adopting a light exercise problem, you can expect a better muscle to fat proportion in your body.

However, remember, that Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation is not Weight Management Program. Despite making you fit, it won’t bring down weight substantially by itself.

I have some minor menstrual problems like irregular and painful menstruation. Will it be helpful for me?

Yes, you should get Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation program. You will get definite benefit out of it for your mild menstrual complaints and you won’t need anything else for it.

I have serious menstrual problem called PMS or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. Will it benefit me?

Of course, this will be beneficial. But we suggest you another, more intensive Ayurvedic PMS Treatment program for it. PMS can be successfully treated with Ayurveda. Find Ayurvedic Treatment for PMS…

When I stop your Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation program after few months, will all the benefits will go?

Suppose, if you stop the herbs after 3 or 6 months, the benefits won’t go away soon. It is the benefit of Ayurveda and Herbal health.

When you take Vitamins such as Vitamin B Complex, most of excess of what you need is flushed out of your body, giving slight additional strain to your kidneys and excretory system. When you take Vitamins that can be stored in body like Vitamin A, you run the danger of Vitamin toxicity.

There is no danger with herbs that are given by Ayurvedic Herbalist. When you stop them after using for some time, say 3 months, you retain the benefits quite for some time. If you adopt the principles learned in our online health and wellness mentoring platform, you can actually lead a healthier life.

The herbs actually work on strengthening your entire system – body and mind. This strength remains with you in the form of higher threshold for physical, hormonal, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Again, we believe that you will love the benefits of our products and would like to continue them.

Boost Positive Health with Ayurvedic Wellness Herbs  for  Women

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