Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation

The Best of Ayurveda Herbs for a Modern Men to Stay in Positive Health, Booming with Energy, Vitality, Stamina and exuding Fitness, Dynamism, Creativity and Focus of Mind!

Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation had been a widely recognized practice right from ancient times. However, it had been kept for elite, wealthy and royal persons. We bring the the same personal health and wellbeing for you in the present time. You won’t need to invest like older days and you will get all the benefits in a natural, safe and effective manner.

What is Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation program?

Ayurvedic Herbalist adopts holistic, natural and inside-out approach by having an integrated wellness program for men’s overall health. This program consists of…

  1. Full and Initial Version: Ayurveda herbal products (Total 150 Tablets in One Month, having two different Ayurveda products having 90+60 tablets)
  2. Maintenance Version: Ayurveda herbal products (Total 90 Tablets in One Month, having two different Ayurveda products having 60+30 tablets)
  3. Online health and wellbeing program containing small videos that guides you about diet, lifestyle and exercise.

Who can benefit from Ayurvedic Men’s Rejuvenation Program?

You are the most suitable for AMR if you are and you want…

  1. Between 18 and above
  2. Desire to have – Improved Vitality, Sexual and Reproductive Wellbeing
  3. Better Metabolism and good Weight Control
  4. Less Fatigue and Better Energy levels
  5. Improved Fitness, Stamina and More Muscle mass (lean mass)
  6. Strength of Nerves and Muscles
  7. Better Focus, Memory and Sleep
  8. Less of Stress, More Emotional Wellbeing
  9. Age-proofing yourselves – physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally and more…

Current Scenario of Adult Males:

Men living in present time is under great stress. You don’t need to have anxiety or depression or anger or strong emotions to find out that you are under stress.

Just give a look to everyday working, your time to reach office, the bills that you have to pay, the working hours, extra work that you bring home, deadlines and schedules, coupled with other family responsibilities can make any one physically and mentally stressed.

Some persons who are more susceptible can feel drained and exhausted by the evening. Others might fall prey to chronic manifestations of stress like irritation, low mood, hyperacidty, peptic ulcer, high blood pressure, low sexual desire, unfulfilled sexual relationship, nervous diarrhea, premature graying and falling of hair, premature signs of aging on face.

The increase of various responsibilities keep your mind and body in a continuously ‘high’ state. It is further complicated by poor nutrition. The nutritional standards is continuously going down even for the financially sound households as the quality food is always an issue, especially in metro cities.

The present lifestyle simply tries to rob of your vitality and enthusiasm and compromises the overall enjoyment of what life is all about. We at Ayurvedic Herbalist present to you something that had been out of reach by most people merely 100 or 200 years back.

Ayurvedic Secrets of Rejuvenation for Men:

Rejuvenative herbs, practices and lifestyle had not been a secret and but had been accessible to chose few who belonged to wealthy, elite, influential and royal categories, especially during medieval periods.

Ayurveda has Total Rejuvenation as one of the eight ancient branches. We distilled this Ayurvedic wisdom and bring it to you in its holistic sense so that you could get benefit of it, without belonging to ‘extraordinary’ group of chosen few.

We have done it for ladies as well. You might be interested in Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation program for your better half.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Program for Ladies

Holistic Benefits that You can expect and you will have:

Sexual and Reproductive Wellbeing: Sex has never been a taboo in Ayurveda. Healthy and restrained sexual activity is considered as one of the pillars of a successful and fulfilling life.

Sexuality or sexual desire is a good symbol of health. In unmarried youths, this sexual and vital energy can be easily sublimated towards various academic, artistic, creative, sports and business related pursuits.

For a married couple, of whatever age, sexual enjoyment should be like a pleasant, awaited-for ritual, instead of just ‘routine’ or even ‘burden’.

Ayurveda herbs given in Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation program works on Ayurvedic principles of true Aphrodisiac. Many companies are promoting FALSE APHRODISIACS that contain only stimulant and harsh herbs that don’t nourish your system but depletes your vitality in the end.

We uniquely provide you all the FOUR COMPONENTS necessary for a truly rejuvenative experience – the balance of sexual enhancers, stimulants, cleansers and nourishing herbs. This will keep you sexual wellbeing in great condition throughout the years, without any side effects or negative effects!

Better Energy Levels: Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation program contains the herbs that elevate you general energy levels. You won’t find find energy levels depleted in the evening hours. You can stay with a good sense of energy throughout the day until you want to sleep. This program simply gives you a sense of renewed energy levels. You can say “STAY AWAY” to fatigue.

Healthy Metabolism and Good Weight Maintenance: The role of metabolism is crucial in keeping your healthy, fit and maintaining an optimal weight. We provide certain precious herbs that naturally tones your metabolism and helps you to have all its benefits.

Remember, we are mentioning optimal weight control, not weight loss! Your metabolism determines your consumption of calories during rest and activity. Usually BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate declines with age. Our Ayurveda herbs help to keep it to good healthy level.

Have Improved Fitness and Stamina, Stronger Muscles: Thanks to the media! Men has become a symbol of muscular and well toned physique. You don’t definitely require the physique of action movie star.

However, the strength and stamina in body comes from strong muscles. The special herbs in Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation Program helps to promote the Muscles to Fat proportion in a natural manner. And this is crucial.

If you couple our program with physical exercise, it works even better. You can give yourself a gift for staying Fit and Active and lead the dynamic life.

Sharper and Focused Mind: Most of the work is shifting and making men and women knowledge worker. The modern cubicle dwelling workforce, swimming in the pool of various types of radio wave vibrations, can find it daunting to stay alert and focused.

Our Ayurvedic herbs do come to rescue and keeps ‘the most important tool’ of modern workforce – The Brain – in healthy condition. The special herbs that act as brain foods and nourish it. You simply have better focus, memory, improved learning ability.

These herbs are so proven in keeping your brain healthy that you can think of becoming age-proof at least in your mind.

Stronger and Tough Nerves: The special herbs also work as a nervine tonic and reduces your susceptibility to stress even in distressing and stressful environment. Stronger nerves can make you a cool and serene person.

Emotional Wellbeing: Even though, it is a proven fact that on a general basis women do have better EQ than men. It is also a truth that men needs relatively more help with emotional wellbeing.

Irritation, nervousness, outbursts of anger, upset of mood and aggression are more frequent troubles of men. That is why we have put special emphasis on working on emotional wellbeing through Ayurveda herbs. Additionally our online health and wellness mentoring resource will provide you excellent and practical information about other techniques that you can adopt in this regard.

Truly Restoring Body Mind Equation: Body Mind medicine has been a new modality for the world. For Ayurveda, it had been the central theme. We call Ayurveda as Body Mind Consciousness based Healthcare and take this concept a step ahead.

In both of our programs – Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation and Ayurvedic Women Rejuvenation, we tried to put adequate emphasis on holistic health and wellbeing and tried to restore the body mind equilibrium in your favor.

What is the duration for which you can continue Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation Program?

Ideally, start with…

Initial and Full Version of Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation program and stay with it for 6 months duration.

Then, you can keep it in maintenance version. Or you can drop it for some time and start this version after some time.

How expensive will Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation program?

Even though AMR can easily be sold to persons and organizations at twice the price that we are offering you. But you will get a special offer from us…

AMR’s full and initial version costs merely at Rs. 2300 a month, inclusive of all charges. You get a special discount of over 20% as a launch offer and save Rs. 500 and pay only Rs. 1800 a month.

AMR’s Maintenence package is available to clients who successfully has used it for three months for Rs. 1100 a month or Rs. 2000 for two months.

You can pay using following payment information of Ayurvedic Herbalist.

After payment, please contact us by phone +91-9212025457 or using this form. Then, we will send you a courier and username and password for your account on our Ayurveda mentoring website.

Frequent Asked Questions or FAQs About
Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation

Who AMR Program is for?

Any men above 18 years can benefit from Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation.

Can I take Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation along with Vitamins and Mineral Supplement?

Yes, you can combine both of them together. There is no harm of taking it with Vitamins or Minerals or with any medical treatment.

I am a newly wed men and planning for having a baby in our family. Will it be helpful for me?

Yes, you should definitely use Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation program. These herbs will definitely help you, improve health and wellbeing of reproductive organs, support your whole body and mind. As mentioned above, these herbs nourish all the seven tissues, including reproductive tissues and helps to keep your semen in naturally healthy condition.

Will Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation Program be harmful for Seniors who have mild symptoms of Prostate Enlargement?

Definitely Not. It will rather be helpful and you can use it along with other medical or surgical treatment that you plan to have. Or you can seek our Ayurvedic Treatment Programs for Prostate Wellbeing or contact us.

I suffer from Obesity. Will it be helpful for reducing weight?

Yes, you can definitely use this program and you will get some benefit in your overweight problem. Your fitness level and energy levels will also improve. Even if you are adopting a light exercise problem, you can expect a better muscle to fat proportion in your body.

However, remember, that Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation is not Weight Management Program. Despite making you fit, it won’t bring down weight substantially by itself.

I have sometimes minor Erectile Dysfunction ED or Premature Ejaculation problem. Will it be helpful for me?

Yes, it will be beneficial for your mild sexual troubles that bother you sometime. But when you think that they are more regular troubles, please seek our Ayurvedic Treatment Programs for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

I have Low Sperm Count or Oligospermia. Will Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation benefit me?

No, we suggest you to try our Ayurvedic Treatment Program for Low Sperm Count or Male Fertility Enhancement Program.

Will all the benefits of Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation will go away when I stop it after few months?

Definitely not! Suppose, if you stop the herbs after 3 or 6 months, the benefits won’t go away soon. It is the benefit of Ayurveda and Herbal health.

When you consume Vitamins, their benefits are short lived. Even some fat soluble vitamins that are stored in body can cause health problems if you overdo them.

There is no harm with Ayurvedic herbs given in Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation program. When you stop them after using for some time, say 3-6 months, you retain the benefits quite for some time.

When you practice the principles learned in our online Ayurvedic health and wellness mentoring platform, you will actually lead a healthier life.

The herbs actually work on strengthening your entire system – body and mind. This strength remains with you in the form of higher threshold for physical, hormonal, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Again, we believe that you will love the benefits of Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation program and will love to continue it time and again. After all, it is the most comprehensive and complete and safe Ayurvedic Herbal Health program for Men along with invaluable health guidance.

Boost Positive Health with Ayurvedic Wellness Herbs for Men

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