Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis

What kind of herbal products and services do we provide under Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis & Natural Health Management program?

We provide you our services – Ayurvedic treatment for Arthritis. It comprises of combination of Ayurveda based herbal products and health and wellness training. In this article, you will find information about our services and how we are doing it in a better manner.

We tried to answer some relevant questions for you. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to write us.

What does your Ayurvedic Treatment Osteoarthritis & Health Management Services for include?

Our Services include…

  1. Ayurveda and Herbal Products, mostly in the form of tablets
  2. Personal Health and Wellness Mentoring Program

What kind of Ayurveda products do you suggest in Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis?

Currently we are using Ayurveda and Herbal products. The main products are manufactured by Holistic Herbalist Private Limited, the parent company of this website. The second resource is other reputed companies and trusted products after using them practically and getting results. Gradually we are shifting and progressing to have all products under our manufacturing.

Essential Products:

  1. Joints Health Tablet – 2 Tablets after lunch and dinner with water
  2. Nervous and General Strength Promoting Tablet – 1 Tablet morning and evening with water

Supportive Optional Products:

  1. Digestion related powder or tablet
  2. Massage oil or cream for relieving pain

What is the line of treatment that you take for Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis?

Practically, it is a great question that few Ayurveda doctors takes the pain to share with their patients.

Remember, many things, including efficacy and results, depend upon this answer. We use…

  1. Ayurvedic Herbs with Anti-inflammatory Activity: Anti-inflammatory activity means ability to relieve pain, swelling, redness and stiffness. In Ayurveda, this group comes underVatahar (Vata pacifying) and Vedanahar (pain relieving) herbs.
  2. Antioxidant Herbs gives general benefit in preventing damage.
  3. Aama Destroying Herbs: Aama can be termed as metabolic toxins that causes various functional problems in body. Aama detoxifying herbs help to improve digestion, help to maintain free flow of nutrients in body and give lightness, energy and flexibility.
  4. Flexibility Improving Herbs – Herbs that help with stiffness and improves flexibility.
  5. General Rejuvenative Herbs are better in retarding the degenerative and aging process in body.
  6. Tonic Herbs for Nervous system are also good aid for any pain relieving modality in Ayurveda.
  7. Digestive and Supportive Herbs: Even herbs need to be digested before giving their health benefits.

Other products for general digestive wellbeing that help in constipation, acidity, gas or flatulence can be combined.

What is the possibility of relief? How long does it take to get noticeable relief?

Right from the start, you have to acknowledge that you are under natural herbal management program. You can’t get relief like painkillers. You take tablets and you got relief within few hours.

You can expect to have noticeable relief within 2 to 4 weeks of time. This duration should be sufficient for you to know that you start to get SOME relief.

How long will it take to mange Arthritis with your services?

This is really a tough question!

Proactive people, who take this service when some stiffness or minor pain starts, can expect the duration to be 2-3 months.

Other persons, who have moderate and chronic arthritis, should continue the program for 4-6 months.

Chronic Arthritis patients, who have severe limitation in movement, who have advanced stage of arthritis based upon Xray, can take it for 6 months or longer.

After the suggested duration of this program, you might have to continue these herbal products in lower dosage as maintenance or continuation. Of course, many persons having mild or moderate arthritis can totally get off the Ayurveda herbal products.

Also after the suggested duration of the program, some persons might need them in rainy times or in winter when joints pain tend to become worse.

Always remember that these suggestions are the best approximation based on the results we got. These are not hard and fast rules.

How effective is your program – Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis and Health Management?

If you have mild to moderate Osteoarthritis, you actually don’t need painkiller drugs at all. Or you can continue them as per the suggestion of your medical doctor for few weeks. After that, you can stop them.

If you have severe and chronic Osteoarthritis, and you are under medical treatment of doctor, are taking painkillers and other medical drugs, we suggest you continue both our program and your medicines for 1-2 months. Gradually, as feel better, you can get off painkillers and other drugs after telling your doctor.

Why don’t you simply suggest Ayurvedic Medicine or Other products in your Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis so that I can buy them?

Definitely, you are absolutely right from your point of view. Within India, we are not selling herbal products directly to consumers. We leverage our position as a company founded by Ayurveda doctor and improve our capacity to deliver you healthier benefits.

In this way, we assume full responsibility for quality of products; we have to take full accountability of results. This is the only way we could get better and better. We ventured in manufacturing only after 11 years of clinical Ayurveda practice.

Another consideration is that Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Medicine is a system of medical practice, authorized and accepted by Government of India. We don’t like our company or services to be seen just as another herbs selling company.

I did take Ayurveda products from other doctors. Many times they give tablets and other products in loose and I actually don’t know what I am taking. What is the scenario with your Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis?

Great Question indeed!

With our services, you exactly know what you are taking. We send you all products with their intact packaging. If it is done otherwise, it is done after notifying you.

We are not a clinic. We are Holistic Herbalist Private Limited, a company operating its business and services in India. You will get Sales Invoice for all products and bill for all services.

It is also worth noticing that currently we are not charging you for many of our unique services. It is time to stand apart as a company for us.

What are the charges for Ayurvedic Treatment for arthritis and Health Management Services?

Our Joints Health Program for Osteoarthritis for 1 month duration is priced for $80.

How will I get the products and other services?

After receiving your payment, we send a courier to you containing our Ayurveda products. Other health and wellness training programs are provided online. We prefer providing you giving support over email and phone.

Is it really good way to take Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis, through the website, without meeting you in person?

Yes, it is our effort to prove it a BETTER way. Actually when you start with our program, you are not limited to 10 or 15 minutes of consultation. You won’t find more than 10 or 20 words written about your complaints the prescription of any doctor.

Literally, we have detailed information about your health issue, other problems, your general health and psychology and your medical treatment and history.

When you try our services for the first time, you can find us perceptibly better.

How can I get started with Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis and Health Management Services?

Don’t rush. Don’t send us any money without prior confirmation by email or phone. Wait a while. Read few items on our website. Read more about Why Ayurvedic Herbalist?

For every heath issue, we will have at least 3-5 articles that will tell you about the problem, about our treatment, about frequently asked questions and specific online forms for sending your information and one more. Go through all of them.

Then, send your information. We will reply you with other details.

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