Ayurvedic Wellness Programs - Positive Health Enhancment and Rejuvenation

How to Get Started with Ayurvedic Treatment & Management of Chronic Disorders!

A Practical, Step by Step Online Ayurvedic Training Program, Guiding You to Adopt Ayurvedic Principles and Practices for Natural Treatment & Management of Chronic Disorders with Ayurveda…


Module 1: Fundamentals of Disease You Should Never Overlook!

When You are trying to learn about natural treatment or management or holistic cure, you should be aware of what disorder means, what goes wrong in chronic disorders and what you need to align with to expedite the intrinsic healing ability of body through holistic and natural means…

Training Module 2:

Ayurvedic Men Rejuvenation program takes holistic and natural men’s health and wellbeing to another level with Ayurvedic herbs and wellness mentoring program.

As a person, you can expect and will have sexual and reproductive wellbeing, fit, active and dynamic body, more muscles, less fat, less stress, mental and emotional wellbeing. Our program truly creates of synergy of body and mind and helps you achieve and have MORE OUT OF LIFE. Bring the power of Ayurvedic Men’s Rejuvenation program into your life…

Training Module 3:

Ayurvedic Weight Loss program helps you burn stubborn fat and shed extra flab in a holistic and natural manner. We follow a holistic approach for natural weight management that is based upon 9 Pillars of Weight Loss.

These includes our herbal products based upon Ayurvedic herbs that helps to burn fat, balance metabolism, detoxify the body and fortify your other efforts for having a slim and fit body. Bring the power of Ayurvedic Natural Weight Loss program into your life…

Are You Seeking Treatment or Information about Chronic Disorders with Ayurveda and Natural Herbs. Receive Weekly Tips from Ayurveda Expert Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar.