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Learn How to  Overcome Joints Pain, Stiffness & swelling Caused by Osteoarthritis (Joints Pain Related with Age & Injury) Using Safe Ayurvedic Herbs & Lifestyle

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Osteoarthritis is one of the most disabling and chronic degenerative disorders that affects mostly people above 50 years of age. The degenerative changes are related with aging and injury. 

The common symptoms are stiffness, joints pain, swelling, disability or difficulty in movements, climbing stairs. 

It can be managed easily with with safe and effective Ayurvedic herbs, home remedies, diet and lifestyle changes.

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Ayurvedic Herbs

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What kind of Exercise you can adopt considering your present situation

Manage with Ayurveda

Learn about Ayurvedic line of natural treatment with holistic modalities

How to Get Started

Get started on the path of Ayurvedic Management under Expert Supervision

Medical Treatment

What medical treatment options are with their pros and cons

About Surgery

Surgery is sometimes essential but you should never forget this

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