Dosha Types in Ayurveda

3 Doshas or Vata, Pitta & Kapha Refer to Ayurvedic Body Mind Type & Symptoms of Imbalances

Dosha Types in Ayurveda refers to Tridosha or Vata, Pitta and Kapha. There are 3 ways we use Dosha in Ayurveda...

1) Ayurveda Body Mind Type - It refers to the Prakriti or Constitution of a persons body and mind, or its anatomy, physiology and psychology.

2) Telling about Vikriti or Pathology - Whenever there is imbalance of Dosha in any one's body, it reflects through some symptoms. Then, we say Vata or Pitta or Vata-Pitta (Any combination of 7 types) is vitiated or low.

3) For Telling the Impact of Herbs, Diet and Lifestyle - We are supposed to have food, herbs and live a lifestyle (the way we live and think round the clock, a very broad term in Ayurveda) is after considering our Ayurveda Body Mind Type and imbalances or disorders. (After considering above two)

Video: Dosha Types in Ayurveda; Balancing 3 Doshas for Health and Healing...

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