Exercise for Osteoarthritis Joints Pain Relief - Ayurvedic Treatment

Flexibility Enhancing Exercise for Osteoarthritis

Yoga based Exercise plan Adopted for Osteoarthritis

to relieve Joints Pain and Stiffness 

In the last unit of Email training about Osteoarthritis, you learned about ..... Ayurvedic herbs and natural medicine for Osteoarthritis.

Now, you will know about Flexibility enhancing exercise that can be done within home or room and doesn't need any equipment. These are very much helpful for normal healthy persons as well as for those having Osteoarthritis.

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Flexibility Enhancing exercise is inspired with Yogic Micro Exercise that are often used before or after the Yoga practice. 

This set of exercise can be used for all the joints starting from....

  1. Toes, Ankle, Knee and Hip
  2. Lower Back and Upper Back
  3. Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Fingers
  4. Neck 

In just 5-7 minutes, you can finish the entire series. 

The First and Second Phase:

In the first phase, you will practice as suggested, without using any force or pressure. Continue it for 2-3 weeks, twice a day.

In 2nd Phase, you will practice this exercise against some pressure or resistance. It will help to...

  1. Improve periarticular tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, bursa etc.) and joints and bone strength
  2. Relieve stiffness and enhance flexibility
  3. Also help to relieve pain and improve tolerance

Always follow the Golden rule!

Exercise to the point of stretching, and only mild discomfort.

Never be jerky or use sudden and stronger movements.

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Joints Flexibility Exercise for Osteoarthritis as taught by Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar are based upon Yoga and consider the condition and needs of the person having Osteoarthritis in general and condition of specific joints.

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Some Real Life Examples of Osteoarthritis:

Robert is in his late Fifties and works as a Sales Manager. He found difficulty in climbing stairs. There is discomfort and some pain in sole and knee joints. It is more prominent in right side than left. He visited a doctor and got a X Ray done. The doctor told that he has Osteoarthritis and there is small bony growth (Osteophyte) development in ankle region (Calcaneal spur). However, there is only some diminished gap in knee joint. 

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In the next training session, you will learn about...

FAQs or Frequently asked questions and Possible Outcome of Osteoarthritis Ayurvedic treatment and Joints Wellbeing Training and How you can start with Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar for naturally overcoming Osteoarthritis and Joints Pain.

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