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Osteoarthritis Medical & Surgical Options

What are options for medical treatment & Surgery for Osteoarthritis and How do they fit in or against Ayurveda?

In the last unit of Email training about Osteoarthritis, you knew about .....

Now, you will know about the available and common options for modern medical treatment (or Allopathic treatment as some do prefer to use this term) and surgical options. 

You will also know about my views how these two protocols - medical and surgical - do fit with Ayurveda.

Medical Treatment of Sandhivata / Osteoarthritis:

NSAIDS or Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs are simple pain killers and anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen, aceclofenec are the most commonly used. Some of them are available on prescription and some are available as over the counter drugs. Some of these painkillers are developed and somewhat targeted for arthritic pain.

These work on the principle of RELIEVE FOR FEW HOURS, FORGET FOR FEW HOURS.

And there is common risk of side effects  involved like stomach upset, cardiovascular problems, bleeding problems, liver and kidney damage and ringing in your ears. Unfortunately elderly are at greater risk of these side effects.

Narcotics or Strong Painkillers or Opioid Analgesics: These are prescription drugs and are strong painkillers. They carry the risk of dependency or habit formation along with other side effects and this is the reason that these are not often used for Osteoarthritis.

Corticosteroids: I have seen Corticosteroids like prednisolone in few prescriptions by some elite medical doctors. My advice is STAY COMPLETELY AWAY from their internal use as much as possible in whatever form - tablets or injections in joint cavity. 

They give symptomatic relief temporarily and actually advance your osteoarthritis and makes you susceptible for many severe disorders on mid to long term basis.

Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar's Opinion:

 Considering the situation of individual person and condition of Osteoarthritis, it should be preferred by you...

  1. Always take NSAIDs painkillers only under medical prescription. Don't take these yourself.
  2. Avoid as much as possible the other two categories of medical drugs. You can insist for this with medical doctor.
  3. Even if you have take NSAIDs painkillers, make it a priority to adopt good quality Ayurvedic herbs or Natural herbs, most preferably under expert supervision. In this way, you have the chance of lowering the dosage or getting off  of painkillers.
  4. Seek the medical expert who understands and approves your taking herbs for Osteoarthritis. Most good doctors are and should be knowledgeable about the benefits of herbs for Osteoarthritis. There is ton of medical evidence and researches of benefits of herbs done by medical institutes and researchers.

In most cases of mild to moderate Osteoarthritis, Ayurvedic herbs are sufficient. If you are not taking any medical drugs for Osteoarthritis, always give 1-2 months time to Ayurvedic herbs. If there is some occasional strong pain, you can always take painkillers under prescription as and when required.

In severe cases of Osteoarthritis, you can regularly take medical painkiller drugs under medical supervision and should also take Ayurvedic herbs at the same time. It will help you to lower the side effects of medical drugs, lower their dosage or getting off of medical drugs sooner or later.

You can easily search on Google or YouTube for credible information about side effects of any group of medical drug or specific medical drug. 

Surgical Options for Osteoarthritis:

Corticosteroids shot into joint is a relatively better choice than taking it internally as tablets. You get some relief of pain in a specific joint. But this procedure is also limited as you can’t get more than a limited number of shots in a joint during a year. And this course is often restricted to seniros who have severe form of Osteoarthritis.


This procedure simply relieves pain and symptoms and actually advances the Osteoarthritis or degenerative changes of that joint. The consolation could be that the harm and benefit is limited to the joint where shot is given.

Lubrication Injections and Realigning of bones are not that much common method.

Joints Resurfacing is done using small metal implants. This surgical method is less expensive than Joints Replacement. It helps to plugging the damage and cavities of cartilage using the metal instead of biological tissue.

Joint Replacement is a choice for advanced condition of Osteoarthritis but it has its own drawbacks. It is expensive and doesn’t give you same flexibility as of normal joint. With passage of time, there also worn out and might need to be replaced.

Despite, advanced surgical methods, natural joints like functioning and replacement can’t be thought about. We always suggest you to meet few persons who have gone this procedure and find how well they are managing.

Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar's Opinion:

There is no doubt that Joint Replacement has emerged as a blessing for advanced Osteoarthritis. It is to resorted to only in Advanced Osteoarthritis where a major part of cartilage is damaged and day to day functioning is severely restricted. Again the opinion of a surgeon is most appropriate.

You should consider the fundamentals here. Osteoarthritis is age related or injury initiated degenerative changes. it is not limited to one joint and affects most of the weight bearing joints. 

Joints Replacement does NOTHING to lower the progression or check the growth of degenerative changes in all other joints than where it is carried out.

So, you should always employ and adopt Ayurvedic treatment and holistic management for Osteoarthritis. Always give a dedicated try to Ayurvedic herbs for 2-3 months to see if Joints Replacement could be delayed or postponed. Sometimes, Joints replacement like Angioplasty is more than frequently, routinely  and commonly suggested by medical professionals due to simply financial aspect. Always get second opinion from another surgeon. 

I do recommend using of Ayurvedic herbs even if you have undergone Joints Replacement therapy. It will help you to strengthen with all other joints and check the progression of degenerative changes. 

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Even if you have to go for Joints Replacement surgery, it is advised to use Ayurvedic herbs for Osteoarthritis as these herbs will help to strengthen all joints and check the progression of degenerative changes in other joints. 

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