Blueprint of Ulcerative Colitis Treatment in Ayurveda

The Line of Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis (IBDs) that I Follow...

Ulcerative Colitis Treatment in Ayurveda should follow a specific line for its effective management and recovery. I share here about the line of treatment, core pillars and blueprint that I follow personally with clients for Ayurvedic treatment for IBDs. And it is must to take care of these factors as much as possible for proper Ayurvedic treatment and management of IBDs (Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn's Disease).

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IBDs - Ulcerative Colitis Treatment in Ayurveda & Doshas - The Fundamentals:

Large Intestine is important from Ayurveda point of view. It is a primary seat of “Apana Vata” (responsible for detox and cleansing through stool, urine and menstruation).

Colon continues after small intestine, which is the seat of Pachak Pitta (responsible for digestive juices), functional area of Rajank Pitta (place where bile functioning occurs) and Saman Vata (responsible for proper absorption and intestinal movements).

Colon along with small intestine is also the seat of “Ama Dosha” (the toxins that are considered as the cause of Autoimmunity in Ayurveda).

Now, you could see how the complete picture of Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn's Disease emerge in Ayurveda. IBDs become a playing field of these vitiated humors...

  1. Ama Dosha (Involved in Autoimmune Disorders)
  2. Saman Vata (Digestion, Absorption, Intestinal Movement)
  3. Various Pittas and Agni (Digestion)
  4. Packak Pitta (Digestive Juices from Stomach & Intestine), Ranjak Pitta (Liver & Blood Metabolism)
  5. Rakta Dhatu (Blood tissue)
  6. Apana Vata (Downward Cleansing Energy)

This is perfectly in alignment with  IBDs - Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn's Disease. 

That is why I often say that even  if an Ayurveda doctor adopts the Ayurvedic method of treatment, he or she should be able to get the precise information of the condition to make the right treatment plan. Otherwise, he or she might be hoping to manage the symptoms like ordinary herbalists without deeper and accurate understanding of the problem. Medical science have advanced lot more in diagnostics, imaging, emergency management, surgery and to some extent in finding parthenogenesis.

And I want to thank the entire medical community – as opposed to most herbalists, naturalists and CAM practitioners – the parthenogenesis or mechanisms of most diseases are well understood in good depth by medical science. And they should be studied and made use while deciphering the unknown or less known disorders.

After all, we are all working for the betterment of people, under one large fraternity of health professionals.

Line of Natural Management & Ayurvedic Treatment for IBDs?

You should be aware of the line of treatment and its objective, whatever type of treatment or procedure you are undergoing. Remember, many things, including efficacy and results, depend upon this plan.

Ama Detoxification: “Ama” is the form of toxins that is associated in Ayurveda with Autoimmune disorders and many chronic, deep seated and nasty disorders. In IBDs, a gentle type of Ama Detox or Cleanse is required. Harsh or Intense therapies might be harmful.

Vata Har (Rejuvenative, Anti-Degenerative, Anti-Inflammatory): Ayurvedic herbs that possess Anti-Vata activity are useful in relieving pain, inflammation and swelling and frequent bowel movement. Of course, there is abdominal pain, cramps and diarrhea involved in IBDs.

Pitta Shamak (Pacifying) herbs help to pacify Pitta and improve general colon health and reduces inflammation. They also help indirectly and eventually with pacification of Rakta or blood tissue. 

Rakta-Prasadan (Pacifying)-Rodhak (Checks Bleeding) herbs possess antistyptic property and help to check bleeding tendency and promote ulcer healing and reduces inflammatory changes like redness, swelling and mild infection.

Vrana Ropan (Ulcer Healing herbs) herbs enhance the healing of ulcers in colon or other organs.

Mala Sangrahak (Bowel Regulator affecting its consistency) (Not Common Anti-Diarrheals) herbs help to regularize bowel frequency without causing constipation. It is a must and common mistake. I see many patients taking Anti-diarrhea herbs of Ayurveda. Initially or during some phase of the IBDs, they might get temporary relief but in most cases, it simply aggravates the symptoms within few days or weeks.

General Immunity Modulation is very important. Take general rejuvenative  is very important step toward moving to natural healing and cure. You can find it easily that if the general condition and health of a person is in good state, it is easy to recover from some acute flare up. And when general condition of the person is really low, even small triggering factors causes severe symptoms.

You can include here Vitamins, Minerals (Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Even Sodium and Potassium when frequent motions are there). Several Vitamins have a tendency to be low as there is nutrient loss in IBDs. Even if you tend to take a healthy and balanced diet, body is not able to digest and absorb nutrients properly.

Specific Immunity Modulation:  Specific rejuvenatives (affecting specific tissues or organs or systems of organs) is also a very well known concept in Ayurveda. Many herbs have special affinity for certain organs or organ systems. They work well in a targeted manner without having adverse effects on other body parts.

All these effects are incorporated into a Single Product - My Colon Health - because it is specifically formulated after more than 12 years of clinical practice specifically for IBDs - Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn's Disease.

General Digestive Support is essential as nausea, vomiting (Crohn's Disease), low appetite, anemia, pain, flatulence and cramps (Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn's Disease) are common troubles. It can be used as part of Ayurvedic treatment and as Dietary measures.

We use Two Specific Herbal Products - Vata Balance and Pitta Balance - to accomplish this goal. Initially, these can be taken regularly, and later as and when required.

Mental And Emotional Wellbeing (Medhya Herbs) is one of the mainstay for chronic management of IBDs. It does offer diverse benefits. Even Modern medicine has accepted their own versions of anti-anxiety or relaxing pills in management of chronic pain and other chronic conditions.

When I say about the Ayurvedic herbs, it is a completely another positive dimension. It helps you to overcome stress, strengthen nervous system, fight with nervousness, low mood and poor sleep and at the same time improving general wellbeing. 

Definitely, it is not like having immediately relief from anxiety as with medical drugs, but the gradual, natural and cumulative benefits far outweigh any other approach for mind health. 

I have developed two Special Products (1 meant for EU and 1 for Global Market) for accomplishing this and it is always recommended in IBDs, no matter what the condition is, or whether you are in such good health that you can even be without Ayurvedic herbs.

Some persons, especially when they have almost overcome most of the symptoms, feel that this is some extra burden in terms of tablets / money. But it is always a big mistake to omit this step.

Dietary Advice & Modification: When you have dietary modification keeping in view your body mind type, bowel type and IBDs stage and condition, it helps you to get better relief, fast recovery from flare ups. There are many guidelines that will be shared in upcoming unit.

Exercise, Mind Body Healing and Lifestyle Mentoring: Whether it is Yoga or general exercise or walking or swimming, all are helpful in moderation to build strength and immunity. However, care is to taken to do these under expert supervision, the one who understands the nature of these disorders and how they affect the organs.

Ayurvedic Training Program along with Ulcerative Colitis Treatment in Ayurveda:

Soon, I am planning to start an Online Training program that can go for over 6 months and comprising many of the proven systems of Ayurveda body mind type, diet, lifestyle, mind body, meditation, focus and release exercise, emotional cleansing, visualization, and many others. It will also focus on some common chronic diseases like IBDs as well.

Actually, Yoga have been my first love even before I got admitted in Ayurvedic school in 1993. Ayurveda is second. 

The chief aim of this is providing the information, guidance, coaching and ability to self navigate through the diet and lifestyle modification and having a 1 Hour schedule of body-mind and mind-body techniques to unleash intrinsic healing and lead finally to cure. 

Definitely, it will be for Action Takers and Dedicated Persons as there will be lot of personal time involved. It will have 

  1. 1 daily video (10-20 minutes) with key points about all relevant topics
  2. Live Webinar - Once a week or Fortnight
  3. 2 One to One Sessions to Overcome obstacles

Of Course, you will be updated about it.

No system of healthcare is good and bad. Each one is having its strengths and weaknesses. The approach should be practical, supported by sound principles of health and medicine, common sense, and totally focused upon the person.

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Medical / Allopathic Line of Treatment:

Medical drugs are quite potent and might provide you faster relief compared to Ayurveda, but on mid to long term basis, it is always best to let go off the harmful medications as much as possible.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory (e.g. Pentasa, Mesacol) offers symptomatic relief
  2. Steroids - Immunity Suppressing drugs have lot of side effects when used for over 12 weeks (Better if yo could taper off these within 3-6 months)
  3. Strong Disease Modifying Agents or ImmunoSuppresants: Have strong side effects, almost every one wants to get rid of these
  4. Hospitalization Medications during Acute Flares Up - Bleeding, Diarrhea, Intense Pain - For few days to weeks
  5. Surgery in really serious and chronic conditions.

Note: Never hesitate to seek medical treatment during acute flare ups and aggravated conditions. These episodes often happen in life.  It might be seem harmful but in short term, it could relieve the condition faster. After stabilization, again follow Ayurveda and Lifestyle with greater zeal. 

It takes more time with entire Ayurvedic treatment plan if you are moving from 1st to 2nd line of medical drugs. If you are on 3rd line of medication, it takes much more time with Ayurveda. And so on. And it is true for most chronic health conditions.

Ayurvedic treatment takes more time if you are moving from 1st to 2nd line of medical drugs. If you are on 3rd line of medication, it takes much more time with Ayurveda. And so on. And it is true for most chronic health conditions.

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The Ideal & Practical Steps:

  1. New Conditions, Mild to Moderate Chronic Conditions: Prefer Ayurvedic treatment along with Medical Treatment
  2. After 3-6 months: Gradually taper off harmful medical drugs first (First 3rd, then, 2nd line of medical drugs). It had to be based upon practical condition, consultation with medical and Ayurvedic experts. Never take decision yourself, especially out of zeal even if you find so much information about medical drugs and disease online. 
  3. Next Goal: Natural Management with Ayurveda + Medical Anti-inflammatory Drugs regularly or as and when required
  4. Only Ayurvedic Herbs
  5. Diet and Lifestyle Modification plus Mind Body Techniques can help you accelerate the healing through following this sytem and will lead to cure.

Case Study of IBDs:

I met one friend long ago in Delhi, around 2014. He is a resident of France and his name is Bruno Jean. He told me about his son who was a teenager and had IBD.

You can already guess that he might be getting great quality and free treatment in France as it is a developed country and all residents get free healthcare. 

I gave some Herbs for his Son. He got well soon and Bruno gave me good news. His son moved to UK for education and is quite good. And you can consider eating outside typical western food that one almost doesn't have much control upon. And still going great from health perspective,

Bruno showed My Colon Health to his French doctor. The doctor replied, "I can't give advice about the herbs but the product seems to be a good one based upon limited knowledge of herbs that I had. You can definitely continue it."

It meant a lot to me at that time. Later, our EU range of products came in Italy and are widely used there by even dozens of medical doctors. 

Bruno gave me a Video testimonials. It is both in English and French. Watch it in next unit. Don't think that most white skinned people speak very good English. For most Europeans, English is a second language like most of us, the Indians. And they acknowledge and respect it.

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