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Steroids Primer – Learn About Side Effects of Steroids in Short, Mid and Long Term

Six Tips To Save Yourself From Adulteration in Ayurveda / Herbal Medicines

Hindi Language – Six Tips To Save From Adulteration in Herbal Medicines

Hindi Language – 5 Golden Rules of Exercise for Joints Health

Queries about Turmeric & Curcuminoids – Their Role in Treatment and Cure of Arthritis and Joints Pain

Holistic and Natural Wellbeing as Two Streams of Ayurveda,  as  Two  Sides of  Coin of  Ayurvedic Wellbeing

Burn Fat and Lose Weight Naturally and Safely Using Ayurvedic Home Remedy  with  Items  Readily Available in Kitchen.

Does Guggul , an Important Herb of Ayurveda  for  Weight Loss, Cleansing  & Anti-inflammatory Activity,  Have  Side Effects?