Ayurvedic Medicine forInflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBDs)

Ayurvedic Herbs Based Natural Products Developed & Utilized by Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar  as Ayurvedic Medicine for Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn's Disease

Ayurvedic medicine for Inflammatory Bowel Disease should be based upon safe and effective natural herbs. At the same time, these should benefit in a synergistic manner with each other and other associated Ayurvedic herbal products.

Ayurvedic Herbs Based Natural Herbal Products for IBDs:

These are the products that are developed and manufactured by Holistic Herbalist and are utilized in Ayurvedic treatment of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease. This is the standard dosage suggested and it might be modified upon based upon personal details. 

Note: Holistic Herbalist Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer and exporter of these Ayurvedic herbal products. These are presently available only through our Indian and International Online Stores in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. 

Available in Europe and Ukraine through Exclusive Business Associates.

It is always suggested that when you like to start with Ayurvedic treatment of Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Disease, it is always better to discuss with Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar for fine tuning the appropriate dosage for each of the product based upon your needs and condition.

my Colon Health

my joyful mind / ayur ananda

Vata Balance

Pitta Balance

4 Tablets Daily

2 Tablets Daily

2 Tablets Daily

2 Tablets Daily

60 Tablets of 1000 mg in 1 Bottle / Box

60 Tablets of 1000 mg in 1 Bottle / Box

60 Tablets of 1000 mg in 1 Bottle / Box

60 Tablets of 1000 mg in 1 Bottle / Box

2 Boxes / Bottles in 1 Month

1 Box / Bottle in 1 Month

1 Box / Bottle in 1 Month

1 Box / Bottle in 1 Month

Why My Colon Health?

I developed My Colon Health keeping in mind following criteria...You can find it in Day 3 Email in Ayurvedic Treatment Blueprint...

  1. Anti-inflammatory (relieving signs of inflammation)Vata Har (Anti-degenerative) 
  2. Pitta Shamak (Pacifying) herbs
  3. Rakta-Prasadan (Pacifying)-Rodhak (Checks Bleeding) herbs
  4. Ama Detoxification (Deep Seated Detox associated with Autoimmunity)
  5. Vednahar (Relieving pain)
  6. Vrana Ropan (Ulcer Healing herbs) herbs
  7. Mala Sangrahak (Bowel Regulator affecting its consistency) (Not Common Anti-Diarrheals)
  8. General Immunity Modulation or Rejuvenative
  9. Specific Immunity Modulation or Rejuvenative

You will find following herbs in each Tablet of My Colon Health...

  1. 690 mg Extracts of Boswellia, Turmeric, Cyperus, Bael, Aloe Vera, Tinospora and Holarrhena
  2. 310 mg Powder of Messua, Ginger and Long Pepper

My Colon Health is one of the most effective and safe Ayurvedic formulations catering to IBDs - Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn.

Why My Joyful Mind / Ayur Ananda?

When there is any chronic pain / inflammation / autoimmune disorder in body, there is definite involvement of nervous system. That is why I always prefer using some Nootropic and Nervine herbs in chronic osteoarthritis.

Again, when there is consistent pain / inflammation in body, body undergoes a stressful situation. Joyful Mind / Ayur Ananda (Similar products - availability depends upon your country) always provides help in chronic stress whether it is of physical or mental or emotional origin.

Some of the herbs in Joyful Mind / Ayur Ananda directs affects the sensitivity of nerves and strengthens nerves. These rejuvenative and antioxidant herbs also possess strong Vatahar (Antidegenerative) and Balya (promoting strength).

Each tablet of 1000 mg  provides you...

  1. 650 mg Extracts of Bacopa, Gotu Kola, Ashwagandha, Mucuna, Shankhapushpi and Jatamansi
  2. 350 mg powders of Licorice, Mucuna, Holy Basil, Nutmeg and Long Pepper

You can count upon these products as one of the best Ayurvedic herbs based products for improving nerve health, mental and emotional wellbeing and to deal with chronic stress.

The above 2 Ayurvedic herbal products - My Colon Health and My Joyful Mind - are the Core Ayurvedic treatment for IBDs.

Why Vata Balance & Pitta Balance - Supportive Herbs?

Again, it is a fundamental principle of Ayurveda to use take care digestive wellbeing.

When it is the case of IBDs, the digestive complaints like gas, bloating, cramps, hyperacidity, sometimes nausea and vomiting are rooted with inflammatory changes and ulcerations and their impact on digestion and absorption process. 

So, Vata Balance is aimed to...

  1. Improve digestion and appetite
  2. Relieves gas, bloating, cramps and pain

Pitta Balance is targeted toward...

  1. Hyperacidity
  2. Nausea and vomiting
  3. Aid in checking bleeding and ulcer healing

Initially, it is advisable, for at least 2-3 months, to use both of these. Then, you can use only Pitta Balance along with mainstream Ayurvedic treatment for IBDs.

In 2021, we have further improved and finetune the range with other herbal products.

  1. Bacopa Tablet
  2. Gotu Kola Tablet
  3. Shatavari Tablet
  4. Ashwagandha / Withania tablet
  5. Arudha Triphala Tablet

Why Am I Letting You Undergo This Email Training?

I have been into clinical practice for over 19 years in 2019. It is very common that doctors prescribe some herbs and write and tell how you can take the herbs.

That is all to a normal Ayurveda or medical consultation.

I prefer to help you make well informed choice and to know exactly what you are taking for Ayurvedic treatment for IBDs.  And you also know about the basics of why these products are given to you.

As a developer of these formulations and founder director of Holistic Herbalist, it is my duty and privilege to let you know about your health condition, herbs, line of treatment and the possible outcome of this Ayurvedic treatment for IBDs.

I, Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar, in the role of Ayurveda Consultant and Mentor, prefer my clients to be well informed about the line of Ayurvedic treatment as well as the herbs that they will be taking. Isn't the Best for You as well?

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  4. Remission of Symptoms for Long Time
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