Autoimmune Disorders Cure - Ayurvedic Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune Disorders Cure

Find what could be the best Autoimmune Disorders Cure in the view of Ayurvedic Herbalist, Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar

Many people asked me about Autoimmune Disorders Cure. Ayurvedic books, even though, they are written few thousand years back, have fine guidance about the natural treatment and management of Autoimmune disorders and tried to classify them appropriately under body generated auto-toxins.

Should you hope for a complete Autoimmune Disorders Cure with Ayurvedic Treatment?

It is quite ironical and unfortunate that most people come with advanced and complicated condition of these problems and straightforwardly seek complete autoimmune disorders cure.


And I agree that some quack herbal practitioners in India, who are not qualified Ayurveda physicians, do promote the illusion of giving ‘magical remedies’ to complete autoimmune disorders cure.

Friends, whole of medical science all over the world is researching for better management and understanding of autoimmune disorders. You and I can’t even think of great numbers of doctors, researchers, Institutes and pharmaceutical companies who are involved and working on this front.

Remember, they are working to understand it in a better manner and to manage in less harmful manner. I suggest you to read this twice.

Then, your expectation for magical cure, or any one’s false promise to you of any magical cure, is ridiculous and should be kept aside.

I don’t really want to insult or bring down your great spirit of getting complete freedom from this disease. I really do support it and work for that end in the best of my capacity. But, without promising you that, at least in my current state of knowledge and results!

Right now, there is not therapy or medicine or drugs or herbs that can give you Autoimmune disorders cure with 100% surety.

Ayurveda and Autoimmune Disorders Cure, Rather, Think of better management of Autoimmune disease first!

Why shouldn’t you start Ayurvedic Treatment with hopes for for Autoimmune Disorders Cure?

Or Why should you start Ayurvedic treatment of Autoimmune disorders without the hope of a cure?

When I tell the patients of autoimmune diseases who come to me, or write me, about Ayurvedic treatment of autoimmune disorder the truth that I mentioned above, they ask me this question…

Then, what is the benefit of Ayurvedic treatment and management of autoimmune disease? Why should I get it from you or anyone else?

This is a WONDERFUL QUESTION and I do really appreciate it when people ask me this displaying impatience and apprehension.

As per my direct clinical evidence, from my studies, I find autoimmune disorders coming in cyclical manner. There are flare ups and remissive phase, again flare ups and remissive phases. If you are a patient of autoimmune disease or familiar with its patients, you can find it absolutely true.

Of course, there are many factors that can help to trigger the flare up of autoimmune disorders and I would like to write about it later on. My answer to this question requires this graphic.

How does Ayurvedic herbs and treatment help in autoimmune disorders?

Autoimmune Disorders Cyclical Nature?

You can see the chart above. Know, that is for illustration purpose alone and is not a standard prediction of an individual’s course of autoimmune disease.

In this chart, the baseline is healthy condition of individual and also the duration of flare up. The line that follows the curve and move away from base line indicates flare up. It reaches peak, remains there for some time and then starts to move again toward base line and this indicates remissive or submissive phase.

The distance of the top peak from baseline indicates severity of problem, the width of the upward and downward movement indicates span of one flare up and its submissive phase.

If you don’t take any treatment at all for autoimmune disorder, no medical or Ayurvedic treatment and do nothing for it, what is going to happen?

Simply the period of active flare up and its reaching submissive phase will be long enough. It means that you will be in troubled phase for longer period.

Second, the intensity of your symptoms – depicted by distance of highest point of curve from baseline – will be more.

Third, you won’ return to the base line – healthy condition. There will be some problems that will remain with you. It means you won’t return to healthy condition as you were before having autoimmune disease.

All three conditions will become worse as time will pass as you are not taking any medical or Ayurvedic treatment.

The duration and intensity of next flare up will be more, and your health will be in more deteriorated condition at the end of second flare up than at the end of first flare up.

With third, and other flare up, it will be worse.

What does it mean by better management of Autoimmune disease versus Autoimmune disorders cure?

Ayurvedic treatment's restorative effect in autoimmune disorders.

How Does Appropriate Ayurvedic Treatment Help in Autoimmune Disorders?

When you seek medical or Ayurvedic treatment of autoimmune disease, you should hope for…

  1. Less intensity of symptoms during flare up
  2. Reduced duration of flare up
  3. Early reaching of submissive or silent phase
  4. Your health should stay more closer to baseline – you should be left in good healthy condition
  5. There should be little side effects of medical treatment during flare up or silent phase

This is what I mean and hope to get with better management of autoimmune disease.

I have personally seen many patients of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriasis to remain in silent phase for 3 months, for 6 months, for one year or longer.

This is really what better management is and that you should hope and active seek and expect.

The next target of “Autoimmune Disorders Cure” can take just one more step ahead of better management:

When you are in silent phase of autoimmune disease for a long duration, with or without our Ayurvedic treatment, it is just like a cure.

Why do I like to start with what is righteous, true and practical for you?

This will be simple to understand. For many persons suffering from autoimmune disorders, and even if you are fully dedicated for your health and wellbeing, there are chances of flare up of autoimmune diseases.

Then, it could be emotionally challenging and devastating condition for you as a person who is adamant on getting cured and promised a cure and not getting one!

You can’t understand this situation until you are a patient of this type of disorder.

If you try to understand autoimmune disorders, their treatment – medical and natural, accept the good or bad outcome, you would be in very solid and positive emotional state and would overcome the flare up with ease, without being emotionally challenged.

Surely, I want to make a big difference in lives of people with autoimmune diseases and I know that there are certain herbs that work best for you.

I try to provide you those herbs and there is genuine limitation with herbs. Even with best of medical drugs, there are definite limitations and despite the drugs, the condition of people is becoming worse.

So I tried to include specialized online health and wellness mentoring programs and it is really a great tool for all proactive persons with autoimmune diseases.

Inside your member’s area, you will find holistic and natural information, practical tools and advice that you can implement on a daily basis and the synergy of herbs and all these tools can lead you on the path of better health and wellbeing.

I tried to put everything as much as time and resources allow me and our company to do so. Still, it needs your proactive behavior. This is very important if you want to manage your life with autoimmune disease with a distinction, with a healthier difference.

I believe that this information would be more practical and useful for you than promising of Autoimmune Disorders Cure. I just want to hear it from you. Will you take time and convey it to me?

I just stand there to support you in best and ever improving of my capacities!

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